Lady Dior My ABCDior Bag


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Lady Dior My ABCDior Bag

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Lady Dior My ABCDior Bag


An iconic bag that never gets boring. A bag that can be customized to your personality and taste. It’s playful, fun and most importantly, forever-yours. Introducing the new My Lady Dior Bag.

So what’s new?

Well, it’s the first customizable Bag from Dior. But the design is exactly the same as the original Lady Dior Bag except the shoulder strap. You see, you can pin one of those Dior Lucky Badges on the shoulder strap and create your very own Lady Dior.

The Dior Lucky Badges are so cute; there are many designs to choose from. From round-shaped badges with a heart to flowers and stars. Our favorite one is the Lady Dior Lucky Badge – pin this on the bag and you have a Lady Dior on a Lady Dior, an iconic on an iconic.

The My Lady Dior Bag comes in several colors; we post all of them here. The prices of the Dior Lucky Badges are all the same. Here are the details:

Lady Dior My ABCDior Small BagPrices
United States$5600 USD
Canada$6800 CAD
Europe€4600 EU
England£4000 GBP
Hong Kong$44500 HKD
Australia7900 AUD
Japan¥70500 JPY
China42000 CNY
Korea₩7500000 WON

Dior Lucky Badges

Dior Signature Lucky BadgeDior Signature Lucky Badge 2Dior Cannage Lucky Badge
Dior Cannage Lucky Badge 2Lady Dior Lucky BadgeLady Dior Lucky Badge 2
Dior Blooming Rose Lucky Badge 2Dior Blooming Rose Lucky BadgeDior Lucky Star Lucky Badge
Dior Heart Lucky BadgeDior Crystal Lucky BadgeDior Crystal Lucky Badge 2
Dior Sunny Bee Lucky Badge 2Dior Hashtag Lucky BadgeDior Letter A Lucky Badge
Dior Letter B Lucky BadgeDior Letter C Lucky BadgeDior Letter D Lucky Badge
Dior Letter E Lucky BadgeDior Letter F Lucky BadgeDior Letter G Lucky Badge
Dior Letter H Lucky BadgeDior Letter I Lucky BadgeDior Letter J Lucky Badge
Dior Letter K Lucky BadgeDior Letter L Lucky BadgeDior Letter M Lucky Badge
Dior Letter N Lucky BadgeDior Letter O Lucky BadgeDior Letter P Lucky Badge
Dior Letter Q Lucky BadgeDior Letter R Lucky BadgeDior Letter S Lucky Badge
Dior Letter T Lucky BadgeDior Letter U Lucky BadgeDior Letter V Lucky Badge
Dior Letter W Lucky BadgeDior Letter X Lucky BadgeDior Letter Z Lucky Badge
Dior Letter Y Lucky Badge

My Lady Dior Bag 3My Lady Dior Bag 6My Lady Dior Bag 8
My Lady Dior Bag 5My Lady Dior Bag 7My Lady Dior Bag 9

My Lady Dior Bag Choices And Some Inspirational
Lucky Badge Ideas

My Lady Dior Bag 10My Lady Dior Bag 12My Lady Dior Bag 14
My Lady Dior Bag 11My Lady Dior Bag 13My Lady Dior Bag 15

My Lady Dior Bag 16My Lady Dior Bag 18My Lady Dior Bag 20
My Lady Dior Bag 17My Lady Dior Bag 19My Lady Dior Bag 21



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