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Diorissimo Bag

Diorissimo Bag

While Dior strike a chord with us other brands fall flat, there’s something about the brand and its handbags that’s extraordinary. Same is the case with Diorissimo Bag which is as popular in the up-to-the-minute trend as the Lady Dior Bag. People have been narrating its stories since Spring Summer 2012 and since then it has been an iconic piece that speaks of Dior’s grace and craftsmanship.

The Diorissimo is an epic feel to the senses, especially to eyes it’s a captivating treat; the delicate details, softness of leather and the magnificent metallic charms arouse you to join Dior’s army of fans. It’s a timeless that is often compared to the Lady Dior bag because of its Dior charms and similar handles. But if analyze the two better, we would see quite a many differences. For instance the Diorissimo is more flexible and much bigger in size than the Lady Dior.

The Design

Diorissimo Bag

Feast your eyes on the outstanding craftsmanship of Dior handbags! You can’t possibly ignore the details of this beauty. There are rolled leather handles to carry in hand with large ring links or an optional strap to wear it cross body along with the iconic clasp. Hardware is either gold or silver that provides a luxurious feel to your handbag.

It’s impossible not to fawn over the exceptional material of Diorissimo Bag, take the case of the calfskin, which is smooth, shiny and invites us to caress it or the Swiss pattern of ostrich leather. We might as well also like the exotic and precious feel of crocodile leather that’s hard to see on any other handbag, it simply speaks pricey.

Moreover, have you seen bags getting dirtier if they are kept on the floor or anywhere else, this time your bag won’t get even a speck of dust? The four little feet at the bottom of your bags keep the skin away from the surface of the floor or a table. Thus, it protects the bag from getting filthy. What’s more? The bottom studs also help the Diorissimo to stay upright so that it won’t spill your contents.

The Dior Charms can be spotted from miles away and not only this but the color combinations also pop up from miles. The bag is available in single color, which is timeless and also in a bi-color or tri-color, if you are a fan of multi-shade handbags. Embrace these minimalistic and elegant patterns in formal or informal occasions all depending on the hues and either way all eyes are on you.

The Interior

Diorissimo Bag

It’s almost impossible not to fawn over the amazing design as well as the practical interior of these handbags. Besides the center large compartment, there are patch pockets inside where you can store as well organize all your cash, cards, keys etc. in a wallet style. Not to forget, that now you own a piece of Dior luxury in your hands with the classic heat stamped – Christian Dior.

The Sizes

Diorissimo Bag

From Left To Right: Small, Medium, Large

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Styles Size
Diorissimo Small Bag 22,5 x 16,5 x 10 cm
Diorissimo Medium Bag 32 x 23 x 11 in cm
Diorissimo Large Bag 38 x 27 x 12 in cm

The Leathers

Diorissimo Bag

From Left To Right: Bullcalf Leather, Calf Leather

The Colors

Diorissimo Bag

From Left To Right: Black, Fuchsia, Purple, Pink

Diorissimo Bag

From Left To Right: Baby Blue, White, Turqoise, Grey, Coral, Brown

The Hardware

Diorissimo Bag

From Left To Right: Gold, Silver

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