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7 Chanel Bags For Travelling

Chanel has never created a separated line for travel bags. However, they did introduce different styles of travel bags in certain seasons. Travelling with style has never been so fabulous, now that Chanel is in the game.

In the late 2014, Chanel designed the first classic trolley bag unexpectedly because the theme of the F/W 2014 Collection was about supermarket. However, the did called it the ‘Grocery Trolley’, take look:

Chanel Bags For Travelling

If you’re looking for this ‘Grocery Trolley’, it has been discontinued and maybe you will find in the consignment store, but we didn’t find it handy. If you really want a Trolley for travelling, it should have 4 wheels with 360 degrees rotatable. Which makes it easier to transport, don’t you think?

But anyways, here are our top 5 best Travel Bags from Chanel. Take a good look and let us know what you think:

1. Chanel Coco Case Trolley

Chanel Bags For Travelling

This is THE latest Chanel Trolley with 4 wheels that can rotate 360 degrees. It has a side pocket, side handle and top handle. Inside is spacious, large and structured for keeping your belongings secure and organized. The exterior has different variations, for example, it comes with diamond quilting, in leather and even in velvet.

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2. Chanel XXL Classic Bag

Chanel Bags For Travelling

Instagram @mimi.lovestoshop

The most preferable Travel Bag today is the Chanel XXL Classic Bag. Perhaps it’s even more famous than any seasonal Duffle Bag. The XXL Bag is the biggest size of the Classic Flap Bag Collection and can store a lot of essentials. Basically, Chanel also promoted the Coco Case Trolley together with the XXL Classic Bag as the

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3. Chanel Urban Spirit Backpack

Chanel Bags For Travelling

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4. Chanel Waist Bag

Chanel Bags For Travelling

Instagram @laulayluxury

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5. Chanel Coco Cocoon Travel Bag

Chanel Bags For Travelling

This bag was released some time ago. You might find in pre-owned or consignment stores. Also, this Trolley was released together with the Coco Cocoon Trolley.

6. Chanel Cosmetic Case Bag

Chanel Bags For Travelling

Complete your travel with the Cosmetic Case. It’s useful for any occasion anyway, so it’s a good investment. More info about this here…

7. Chanel Seasonal Duffle Bag

Chanel Bags For Travelling

Occasionally, Chanel releases a new Duffle Bag or travel Bag in new seasons. So keep an eye on the new collection via our site. We always have the latest prices via the Chanel Collection Prices Pages.

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