Chanel CC Filigree Backpack


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The Chanel CC Filligree started as a practical version of the Vanity Case. Then a new flap bag version was created, then a smaller clutch with chain version. And now we proudly introduce the Chanel CC Filligree Backpack for the Spring Summer 2018 Collection Act 1. So if you really need a backpack, consider the Urban Spirit Backpack or this one.

The Design

The Urban Spirit Backpack looks a lot like the Classic Flap Bag, so if you want something distinctive, then the CC Filligree Backpack is a good choice. This backpack is also more streamlined and vintage-like. It’s quilted to look chic and it’s refined with woven chain leather strap for backpacking. But let’s talk about the CC logo a bit.

This CC logo is crafted and stitched with leather. Then it’s beautified with 4 studs on the end of each CC. But the leather-version of the CC logo reminds everyone in fashion of the Timeless CC, you know the one on the Timeless CC WOC. This CC is a vintage version.

This backpack is beautiful and the look is timeless. The space is endless and it can be worn any time of the day with casual or chic outfit. You can never go wrong with this bag.

The Interior

Just like any Chanel backpack, this version is designed with one large compartment. There is enough space to drop your laptop or tablet.

The Prices And Sizes

We do not have the style code, but the measurement is around 11.6’ x 9.8’ x 5.3’ inches. We also do not have the prices, please check with the SA.


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