Chanel Small Coco Cocoon Trolley


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We know that Chanel is good at making elegant quilted leather handbags. But are they up to the game when it comes to softer materials like Nylon? We know that Prada can, remember the Bomber Tote Bags? Now meet the Chanel Coco Cocoon Trolley, it’s not a new line because we’ve already seen the backpack and tote edition before. So what is this Coco Cocoon?

The Design


Instagram @shopping_spb

Chanel has already got an A+ for turning any handbag into a timeless accessory, but this Coco Coon Bag is a challenge. Have you ever met a Chanel bag made from nylon? Really rare right?

Well, it turned out to be great because this bag looks fabulous. The Coco Coon Trolley is elegantly crafted in diamond quilting with soft bomber-effect handles. The size is quite enormous and you can bet that it can carry a lot of stuff. The front is made with a zip pocket, embellished with leather surrounding including a leather plate with the house logo on it. This leather logo design is Coco Coon’s signature.

Nylon is not always considered a luxury material, because you want to get a leather handbag when you’re paying the big bucks. We’re not sure about the quality of this nylon bag, but it’s certainly easier to maintain than leathers. And by the way, Nylon is very light material.

This bag is truly amazing, think about it. You can tote it as an elegant travel bag, but after you pull out the telescopic handle, this travel bag will be transformed into a small trolley. The back also features two wheels to make transportation effortless.

The Interior


Instagram @shopping_spb

The Chanel Coco Coon Trolley has a large interior because of its big size. Inside you will find one large central compartment and a zip pocket. But what you also should notice is the burgundish colored interior. The combination of black exterior and burgundy interior is the iconic colors of Chanel.

The Sizes And Prices

We don’t have the exact measurement of this bag yet, but the estimated retail price is around $4000 USD.


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