Chanel Spring Summer 2020 Bag Collection

Chanel Spring Summer

Chanel Spring Summer 2022 Seasonal Bag Collection Act 2

Chanel 22 Bag Style code: AS3261 Size: 15.2’ x 16.4’ x 3.1’ inches Price: $5300 USD, $6550 CAD, €4900 EUR, ...

Chanel Classic Belt Bag V thumb

Chanel Classic Belt Bag V2

First introduced in November 2020, the Chanel Classic Belt Bag is the newest trending beauty of this season. If you ...

Chanel WOC Version thumb

Chanel 19 WOC Version 2

We thought we’ve already met the Chanel 19 WOC, which looks quite different than the Classic WOC. But then this ...

Chanel CC Coin Bag thumb

Chanel CC Coin Bag

From time to time, there is a Chanel Seasonal Bag that gets out attention. For the Spring Summer 2020 Collection, ...

Chanel Jewel Woven Chain Bag thumb

Chanel Jewel Woven Chain Bag

There is a bag that needs to be put on your wish list. This Chanel Bag has the classic look, ...