Chanel Jewel Woven Chain Bag thumb

Chanel Jewel Woven Chain Bag

Chanel Jewel Woven Chain Bag

There is a bag that needs to be put on your wish list. This Chanel Bag has the classic look, but it’s designed with a little twist that separates you from the rest. It’s the beautiful chain, can you see that?

The body is diamond quilted and the center features the gorgeous CC logo. The bag comes with a leather strap that’s diamond quilted as well. The end of the strap is connected with a golden plate that features the CHANEL logo.

But more importantly, the chain is mixed with woven chain leather strap and ladylike chain. This chain is very eye-catching, especially when carrying on the shoulder.

There are different colors available, including black and red. We don’t have the details yet like the style code, sizes and prices. You can check with the Chanel boutique.

Chanel Jewel Woven Chain Bag


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