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Chanel 19 WOC Version 2

We thought we’ve already met the Chanel 19 WOC, which looks quite different than the Classic WOC. But then this 19 WOC appears from the Spring Summer 2020 Collection.

To give you a better explanation of what we’re talking about, here’s the original 19 WOC versus the newest 19 WOC:

The original Chanel 19 WOC looks like this:

Chanel WOC Version

Now meet the newest Chanel 19 WOC:

Chanel WOC Version

Of course, they look different. The original version comes with two chains while the newest version on comes with one. The 2nd version looks more like the Classic WOCs in terms of size, practical compartments and design.

Chanel 19 WOC V1 vs Chanel 19 WOC V2

Well let’s compare them shall we?

The original Chanel 19 WOC is measured 4.8 x 7.6 x 1.4 inches and is currently priced at $3050 USD.

The latest Chanel 19 WOC is measured 4.8 x 7.5 x 1.4 inches and is currently retailing for $2500 USD.

Surprisingly, the size is almost the same. From the picture point of view, it looked like the 1st edition of the 19 WOC is bigger.

More over, the newest Chanel 19 WOC is less expensive than the original one.

Chanel 19 WOC V2 Design

For the Spring Summer 2020 Collection, this latest 19 WOC is designed slightly different. Besides the Classic and Rectangle body, as well as the woven leather chain strap, the center features an unique CC logo. This CC logo is partly crafted in woven chain strap, the other part is crafted in shimmering gold chain. This gold chain is so small that it looks like a little necklace jewelry.

This bag has the style code AP1794, the size is 4.8 x 7.5 x 1.4 inches and is priced at $2500 USD, $3350 CAD, €2350 EUR, £2150 GBP, $3870 SGD, $19500 HKD, $4100 AUD, ¥297000 JPY, ฿86500 BAHT, ₩3341000 WON via Chanel boutiques.

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Chanel WOC Version

Chanel WOC Version

Chanel WOC Version

Chanel WOC Version

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