Small Diorrismo Tote With Blue Flowers


Couple years ago, everyone was talking about the Lady Dior Tote Bag – What are the prices? Which leathers were available? Which style had Dior in stock? Nowadays, they talk more about the Diorissimo, I am not saying that the Diorissimo has jumped in rank when compared to the Lady Dior Tote, I am just saying that the Diorissimo is doing quite well for a new bag.

Of course, the Lady Dior Tote is legendary, it’s still being loved around the world and I am still a big fan of it. But consider the Diorrisimo Tote Bag, now in small size to fit perfectly on your arm.

And take it in the classic black color that has been made in fine-looking silver hardware. With the DIOR charm embellished on the handles, it’s okay to flaunt once in a while. For the Fall Winter 2014 Bag Collection, DIOR has released the Small Diorissimo Tote in little cute blue flowers. It’s stitched all over the bag, like it’s trying to tell you a story. I make us feel like flowers are blossoming in the Spring, but then growing on the bag.

Yes it’s stunning, the design is impressive. For those that want to have something different than only black, here’s your chance to grasp one. Measuring 22.5 x 16.5 x 10 cm, the Diorissimo small bag is now priced around $3,800 USD at Dior boutique.




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