Celine Compact Card Holders

Celine Compact Card Holder thumb

Here’s a multifunctional cardholder that I really like a lot. The size is slightly larger than the regular cardholders, but it’s evenly flat and more practical. It’s called the Celine Compact Card Holder from the Spring 2018 Collection. The Design The classic look is ideal for any lifestyle. If it’s for daily or regular use, … Read more

Celine Multifunction Purse

Celine Purse Multifunction Wallet thumb

A beautiful wallet or purse, new from Celine for the Summer 2018 Collection. It’s called the Celine Multifunction Purse and its practical in the in- and outside.The design of the purse is mixed with feminine appeal, but also with clean and streamlined look. It’s a more sophisticated version than the other Multifunctional Wallet that Celine … Read more

Celine Trio Bag

Celine Trio Pouches thumb 1

Who doesn’t know the Celine Trio Bag? Who doesn’t want it? It’s one of the well known handbags in the fashion world and it has been covered in numerous fashion news, personal blogs and Youtube video’s. So the Trio Bag needs no introduction from me, but we’d like to write a nice review about it. … Read more

Celine Multi-Keyrings

Celine Multi Keyrings thumb

You know when see a lot of cute things together at one spot? Take a look at the Celine Multi-Keyrings for the Spring 2018 Collection. It’s colorful, fabulous and can be used as a charm. And oh yes, Christmas is coming up right? Perhaps it’s time to wish something good for this year. This keyring…? … Read more