Celine Compact Card Holders


Here’s a multifunctional cardholder that I really like a lot. The size is slightly larger than the regular cardholders, but it’s evenly flat and more practical. It’s called the Celine Compact Card Holder from the Spring 2018 Collection.

The Design

The classic look is ideal for any lifestyle. If it’s for daily or regular use, the streamlined and minimalistic design will match with any handbag. If it’s for work, the humble and solid color will not exaggerate the meeting. So it’s best for all worlds.

If you’re looking into Celine, the quality is the most important aspect. The cardholder is made from drummed calfskin, which is durable leather. Isn’t that what we’re looking for in high fashion?

Even tough everything is minimal; there is a logo on the front of the cardholder. It’s softly printed, but still the ‘Celine Paris’ will put a smile on any woman’s face.

The Interior

The front is made with 4 card slots and there is a patch pocket on the side. You can open the wallet with the zipper to get into the interior.

Chanel Classic Flat Wallet Pouch Or Celine Compact Card Holder

Previously we wrote about the Chanel Classic Flat Wallet Pouch, which looks quite similar to this Celine Compact Card Holder.


The Chanel Classic Flat Wallet Pouch

The Chanel Classic Flat Wallet Pouch also features several card slots on the back. It’s also diamond quilted and made from lambskin. The front features a flat pocket and there is a zip pocket on the side.

There is a huge difference in prices though. The Classic Flat Pouch is priced at $700 USD while the Celine’s version is priced at $450 USD (prices as per May 2018). So which one would you prefer?

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 5’ x 3’ inches, priced at $450 USD, €300 EUR, £275 GBP, $580 SGD, $3500 HKD, $560 AUD, ¥48000 JPY via Celine boutiques.

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