Celine Key Case

Celine Key Case thumb

When you own a fabulous designer bag, you want everything to be flawless. You want the wallet that’s stored inside to be perfect, you want your coin case, card holder and even the key case to be perfect. Meet the Celine Key Case for the Winter 2017 Collection. This mini accessory is made to fit … Read more

Celine Strap Clutches

Celine Strap Clutch With Strap thumb

You might wonder: ‘is this a duplicate post? Haven’t we already talked about this bag a few weeks ago?’. No, we haven’t. The bag we’ve previously featured is called Celine Clutch On Strap. The Clutch On Strap looks more like the Strap Multifunctional Wallet in terms of shape. It’s also bigger than this version. Now … Read more

Celine Oval Clutch With Strap

Celine Oval Clutch thumb2

Celine is introducing a new clutch bag for the Winter 2017 Collection, but the look also resembles a wallet on chain bag. This handbag is quite unique because of the oval-shaped closure, which reminds me of a charm from the 20’s. The term Oval actually comes from the Latin word ‘Ovum’, which means egg. So … Read more

Celine Clutch On Strap

Celine Strap Clutch With Strap thumb

How many times have we talked about the Celine Strap Multifunction Wallets? I lost count, but this wallet deserves to be talked about because it’s simple yet stunning. The name ‘strap’ is thanks to the front leather strap that helps you open and close the wallet. But anyways, the Celine Strap is now available in … Read more