Celine Trio Bag

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Celine Trio Bag

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Celine Trio Bag


Who doesn’t know the Celine Trio Bag? Who doesn’t want it? It’s one of the well known handbags in the fashion world and it has been covered in numerous fashion news, personal blogs and Youtube video’s. So the Trio Bag needs no introduction from me, but we’d like to write a nice review about it. Let’s talk iconic, shall we?

The Design

Maybe it’s the simplicity and maybe because it’s cute as well. Then you can say that the Trio Bag is handy.

It got that nice rectangle/squared shape and it’s certainly minimalistic. But that minimalism gives the appearance a classic look. It’s like you can wear this handbag with almost any outfit and still it will look fabulous.

But let’s be honest; the color choices are a killing. There are so many, but can you choose? Does the red look better? The dark green, burgundy perhaps? Or just the classic black to be save?

And like always, Celine’s logo is printed very nicely and gently on the top center of this handbag. Lovely huh?

The Trio Bag is made from smooth lambskin, but you can also opt-in to liege calfskin, And of course, calfskin is a bit more durable.

Because this bag comes with a long shoulder strap (20 inch long), you can carry it on your shoulder or cross body. The leather strap can be adjusted to your comfort of course.

In general, the Trio Bag is made with three seperated zipped pouch that’s attached together with snap buttons. And here’s also the thing. You can transform the Trio Bag into a clutch bag by attaching together the two external pouch. Clever right?

I think this handbag is famous also because of its usefullness and at the same time, it’s simple and easy to carry. And also, the price is affordable.

The Interior


The three seperated compartments are very handy because you can easily organize and structure your personal belonings. Each compartment or pouch can be opened with a zip. And each pouch can fit a lot of stuff like your wallet, a book, phone and basically all the things you need for your busy lifestyle.

The Prices And Sizes

There are two sizes available:

Celine Small Trio Bag in Lambskin
Size: 9’ x 6’ x 2’ inches
Prices: $1250 USD, €850 euro, £790 GBP, $1550 SGD, $8500 HKD, ¥135000 JPY, ¥8600 CNY, $1550 AUD, 3950 AED

Celine Large Trio Bag in Lambskin
Size: 10’ x 7’ x 2’ inches
Prices: $1400 USD, €950 euro, £890 GBP, $1750 SGD, $ HKD, ¥150000 JPY, ¥9600 CNY, $1750 AUD, 4500 AED

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