Tumi Chictopia by Christine Lau thumb

If you’re looking for a luggage, one that’s not only reasonable priced, but also got the quality that matches your expectation. No one can blame us for that, a luggage that’s not strong enough will break very soon with everything that’s ‘in’ it. Balanced between quality and price, we can only recommend TUMI, a brand … Read more

Diorling Large Promenade Pouch


A pouch – let’s be honest, if you already have plenty, don’t you love and them? When do you actually ‘really’ use a pouch like the Diorling Promenade? If you are not the typical 7-days-a-week party freak, then this bag is too small for work and too big to function as a wallet. But you … Read more

Hermes Clou De Selle Pouch

Hermes Clou de selle bag thumb

I’ve a unhealthy obsession for simple bags – make it shoulders, totes or clutches, if it’s within my grasp, I will lock it up in my 5-star hotel-closet. And once upon a time, I was attracted to Hermes Clou de Selle pouch, maybe destiny? Or is it the dazzling sky blue color that makes me … Read more

Gucci Heartbeat Shanghai Leather Bag

Gucci Heartbeat Shanghai Leather Top Handle Bag thumb

GUCCI decided to show us their deepest love and desire for making bags, you heart Gucci too? And because it’s already Chinese New Year, there’s no perfect time to introduce to you the Gucci Heartbeat Shanghai Leather line. As Valentine is just around the corner, have you decided how to celebrate yet? Perhaps some blue … Read more