Dior Caro Daily Pouches

Dior Caro Daily Pouches thumb

Are you looking for the perfect pouch? Then look no further, the Dior Caro Daily Pouch has everything you need. It comes in different sizes and it looks elegant. And the price for this luxurious item is also very reasonable. This pouch is refined with Cannage Stitching, the iconic pattern of the house. The center … Read more

Chanel Classic Pouches

Chanel Classic Pouches thumb

The first-time we wrote about the Chanel Classic Pouches was in 2016. So what does that mean? It means that these gorgeous fashion pieces are here to stay. They’re named classic because the design resembles the Classic Flap Bag. They’re diamond quilted and crafted with the smooth CC logo in the center. But even more … Read more

Hermes Silk Pouches

Hermes Silk Pouches thumb

Completely under the radar, designed for the Hermes Petite H Collection, there is a new bag released. It’s the Hermes Silk Pouches. Some of Hermes’s most famous pieces are made from silk, like the Silk Twills. These pouches are 100% made from silk and they’re reversible pouches, which means you can change the look instantly. … Read more

Hermes Kelly Depeches Pouches

Hermes Kelly Pouch thumb

Last time we discussed about the choice between the Hermes Kelly Bag and the Hermes Kelly Depeches Briefcase. But check this one out – the Hermes Kelly Depeches Pouches. It’s a pouch version of the Kelly Depeches Briefcase and features the Kelly Lock in the center. I love the structure of the body and the … Read more

Fendi Wallet On Chain With Pouches

Fendi Wallet On Chain With Pouches thumb

A Wallet On Chain is already small, but who could guess that Fendi would create a WOC that comes with 2 extra pouches. Basically, you’re buying 1 bag and get two small accessories for free. The Fendi WOC is already a stunning piece. It’s crafted in single color and features the small reversed F logo. … Read more