Diorling Large Promenade Pouch


A pouch – let’s be honest, if you already have plenty, don’t you love and them? When do you actually ‘really’ use a pouch like the Diorling Promenade? If you are not the typical 7-days-a-week party freak, then this bag is too small for work and too big to function as a wallet. But you love it, want it and need it because it’s ‘WOW’ until you figured out that your pouch is living in your wardrobe for too long and paying no rent.

Diorling joined the Dior classic collection not too long ago, it was crafted to give you and I more options when shopping in one of their boutique. And after that, the Diorling Promenade Pouch was born; adorned with light gold jewelry clasp, embellished with Rose Dragee calfskin and refined with traditional ‘cannage stitching’, okay one please!

The perfect night is the best moment to show off your best of the best, and no matter what outfit you will be wearing, you can always add more whipped cream on the top of your ice cream; the Diorling Promenade Pouch will enhance your charisma – you just feel more confident when you know that people are eying on your beautiful bag. It’s a verification that you are far from faux pas.

We are not sure about its size, but the price is around $1,450 USD and € 1,100 EUR.


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