New Chanel 3 Bag with Extra Pouch


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New Chanel 3 Bag with Extra Pouch


Do you know when your day is ruined? You are prepared and loaded, on a serious shopping spree and seeking for the Chanel Easy Flap Bag, Chanel CC Crave Flap Bag or the Golden Class double CC Shoulder Bag. But the SA rejected you again and again, you start to lose hope and need desperate help. That’s the reason why you need to go to and re-strategize your plan.

Now what I am about to share will put a ‘big smile’ on your face. The release of the Chanel 3 Bag for the Spring Summer 2014 Collection is not new, if you’ve followed our site so far, then you are already well informed (long before anyone else).

But we made a serious mistake, we thought it was the re-release of the Chanel 3 bag from 2011. We never thought Chanel would modify the style – it was a tiny adjustment, but big enough to create a full impact. You see, the Chanel 3 Bag is named ‘3’ because it has three internal compartments, they are like three pouches attached to each other, just like the Celine Trio Pouch Bag with shoulder strap.

But the Chanel 3 Bag is nothing like the Celine Trio Pouch, it has the same face like the iconic Chanel Classic Flap Bag – it’s a shoulder bag, it’s quilted, it’s has the identical CC closure, it’s crafted with beautiful interwoven chain link.

From the front, you will barely recognize it’s the Chanel 3 Bag, but if you lift it up and check the bottom, the back, you will know: ‘Oh gosh, I thought it was the Chanel Classic Flap Bag’. Tricked!

The sizes are almost similar too (we will cover that extensively later on), but the prices are of course, like always, cheaper than the Chanel Classic Flap Bag, which makes it ‘perfect’ for anyone who love and desire Chanel bag, but cannot afford so far because they are fragrantly expensive. This is your opportunity!


A quick review about the differences between the 2011 Chanel 3 Bag and the newest 2014 Chanel 3 Bag. Both front looks classic, the 2011 Chanel 3 bag has three layers (compartments) on the back. But the 2014 Chanel 3 Bag has just two layers (compartments) and the third layer is a pouch.

Now for the extensive details (prices as per April 2014):

Chanel 3 Bag 2014 Small Size
Style code: A94048
Price: €2490 euro’s

Chanel 3 Bag 2014 Medium Size
Style code: A94049
Price: €2750 euro’s or $5,680 SGD

Chanel 3 Bag 2014 Large Size
Style code: A94050
Price: €2900 euro’s

Colors available: Black, Green, Grey, White, Blue, turquoise and Orange

Just to punch your shopping spree button, do know that the Chanel Classic Flap Bag in medium size is currently priced at: €3550 euro’s. More information at Chanel Bags Prices.

This Chanel 3 Bag is from the Spring Summer 2014 Collection and may not be available anymore in the next season.

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Pictures courtesy of: vipgroup & instagram @stylechine

13 thoughts on “New Chanel 3 Bag with Extra Pouch”

    • Its from the last season, it could be that they still hv stock. But there are plenty of choices, like the chanel duo color flap bag that we’ve been recently featured.

  1. Does Chanel 3 bag comes in caviar and is it only in SHW only? Anyone knows if Paris still hv in stock coz heading there early July..thnks

      • Thanks Teresa, your info is good enuff for me. Just got bck frm 1 of the Chanel boutique here in SG….she don’t even knw what I’m talking bout…sheesh…

        • hi naddy!

          sg chanel boutique do have this product because thats where i first saw this product and enquire it in this site! =)

          i saw it at the ngee ann city outlet. and did return a few times just to check out the bag again! just describe the bag to them or show them the picture, they would definitely know.

  2. I just bought a dark blue one in Hamburg, Germany.
    The price is 2500 eruo’s and I got 331 eurro’s tax refund.

    By the way, there are two or three black caviar wallet on chain in gold-tone ware in stock. If someone is looking for the gold-tone WOC, it would be a nice place to spend your money.

    I also saw this one in black and red.

    The medium size Style code: A92333. The SA said it’s 2200 euro’s, and the large one is 2300 euro’s. I didn’t buy it because it’s too large to me.

      • Can you give me more details about your question? You basically want to buy authentic and brand-new Chanel bag on the internet right?

  3. Yes★ I bought mine last month in Omotesando Boutique Tokyo.Mine is in white lambskin. The price is ¥450,360 yen including 8% tax.


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