Laduree Maison de Macarons in Paris


Located at the heart of Champ Elysees, Ladurée is the `must-go´ place for anyone who wants to taste the experience of Paris. They are famous for its macarons, but usually you need to stand-in-line before you can make your purchase. The cookies are packed like treasures; chic, beautiful and delicious. Oh gosh, the colors and the heavenly taste. They have chocolate, lily, red fruits, orange blossom, lemon, blueberry and so much more.

Macarons are sold everywhere in Paris, but none can compete with the taste and beauty of Ladurée. Perhaps this is the reason for their fame. And it doesn´t stop there, they also sell cakes and deserts, too many to describe, but I can tell you this: ´It´s like being a little girl again, surrounded by so-many beautiful sweets, you feel like there are no limits, you want to try them all…´. Oh my, please take me back to Paris.

Certainly Ladurée is not the original creator of the famous macarons, the roots are still unknown. Some people claim that macarons existed in the early 1971, made in a convent nearby Cormery, a commune next to the French city ´Tours´. Others claim that it roots back to Catherine de Medici, who brought a Italian pastry chef to france before she married Henry II, the king of France.

Let the history stay in the past, Ladurée is the wonderworld of Alice in reality. You know what, here, take a look at the menu. Make sure you know which to order next time you visit the store…


Some people can make macarons themselves, but when you are in Paris, it´s not about the macarons. It´s about the story and the experience that you can find in Ladurée. And macarons are not cheap, you get 8 pieces for around €17,80.




  • Dorothy


    Grabbed some bites here. I would say that my hubby & I were quite disappointed in their macaroons, they’re too sweet. 🙁 But the tea is really good! And we’ve noticed that their staff is close to being unfriendly huh……
    For me, the best tasting macarons we’ve ever tried was at Les Halles Paul Bocuse Lyon…perfect texture & not sweet, just perfect. So highly recommended just in case someone here will be going to Lyon, France. 🙂

    September 3, 2013
    • Sassy


      Thanks for your recommendation, we are going to make an another review soon and will add the Les Halles Paul Boscuse. About their staff, I find that too! Perhaps because its too busy. How about Halles Paul B., do they have long waiting lines?

      September 4, 2013

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