How To Clean And Care Your Chanel Boy Bag

I’ve always been attracted to a leather bag with interwoven chain since I was around 10. Back then I didn’t know that this was a Chanel style that has been remade by other brands to death. Out of all the bags that my fashionista mom bought me, I remember one very clearly. It was shaped like Chanel’s camera bag and had interwoven chain strap. So once I grew up and gotten into designers’ bags, I knew that I’d get a Chanel one day.

That day was actually last May when I was on a trip with my family in Europe. We got half day at Galeries Lafayette, so I asked my parents to go to Chanel with me first thing because I knew I wanted more than one bag.

I had a classic and a boy in mind. The SA read my thought and brought me medium boy in black lambskin with silver hardware and a classic in 2 sizes: medium and jumbo. She brought one in lambskin and another in caviar, so I could feel and look at both types of leather. She also brought out a beautiful navy boy with gold hardware for me and told me that it was this season bag.

The SA’s at Galeries Lafayette were all very friendly and helpful. I got there only a few minutes after the opening time and there were already customers before me. One at the first floor entrance asked me to go to the second floor where I was only two customers away from purchasing the bags. We were waiting on a sofa with Chanel books and were offered beverage. So the experience was outstanding.

The SA that helped my with my purchase brought my mom CC frame mini flap and minaudiere in clear plexiglass when she was only mildly interested in the limited edition bags. It was very different from going to Hermes store in Milan when the SA’s all looked annoyed as if their rather rich customers were begging for free stuff when they’d buy a birkin should it be in stock. Chanel’s SA happily let us try on any bag and was very polite and friendly. My shopaholic mom ended up talking me into getting the cc frame mini.

My less fortunate cousin visited other stores before Chanel and came in 30 minutes later to a long line outside the shop. So I must say sofa, books and teas are available only when the line isn’t too long.

Why did you choose this leather and what is your experience so far?
I want different leather for each bag. I asked the SA and she said caviar was more durable. I thought about how I’d wear them and make my pick. Basically, I tend to pair masculine bags with feminine dresses. Since those dresses won’t scratch my lambskin bag the way jeans and belts do, I pick this material for my boy and caviar for my classic.

I love, love, love boy bag. Its masculine chain is beautiful and tough looking, but the lambskin makes it luxurious. It’s a perfect accessory for cute girly dresses. So far, I haven’t had any problem with my bag. But I haven’t had it for long, so I can’t say how it holds up. I think you need to own a bag for at least two years before you can say it ages well.

Have you accidentally damaged your bag so far? If so, then what was your initial response and how did you resolved it?
I’ve seen an imprint of boy lock on the leather behind it. I tried to massage the leather. It helped a bit, but I think eventually the mark will become permanent. I don’t think I can call it a shocking damage because it’s just bound to happen unlike long scratch mark, tear and water mark. I’m one to use my bag and I can’t possibly put a felt or any fabric between the flap and the part behind it while using the bag. So I’ve come to terms with the fact that this is what happens with lambskin. I’ve seen old lambskin Chanel when the quilt is all flat and the leather is shiny. I’m pretty sure if my boy bag ages well, the leather and the imprint will all be flattened. Then it won’t be as noticeable anymore.

I think with leather, there are three stages – brand new, in between and vintage looking. And the in between stage is the most painful one for bag lovers. But once you get pass it, you’ll get a beautiful vintage bag with unique character. Like a personalized bag just for you.

In which occasion do you often use this bag? (as an everyday?)
Wish I could say it’s my everyday bag. Unfortunately I can’t use medium boy everyday. It cannot fit my work stuff and It’s definitely not a gym bag. I use it whenever I want to balance out a girly dress given that it’s not going to rain.


What do you do to maintain your bag? Where and how do you store your bag?
I haven’t done anything special to it yet. Just wiping it clean with cloth I got with my bag after each use and put it back in the box. I have read how others store their Chanel and thought whether I should put it in a box or let it breathe. I ended up putting it in a bow but I close the box loosely, so the air can get it. This way my bag gets to breathe and if somehow the it should fall, it will be protected by the box. I flip the bow to the side, so my bag will always stand up the way it should according to the care guide.

Do you use any products? If so, then what are the products and prices? Also how often do you maintain your bag and how do you put these products in use?
Not yet as my bag is still very new. Only a few months old. I did use Collonil lotion with my Prada, Gucci and Tod’s with good result. So if my Chanel should look dry, I’ll try it in a hidden spot. I don’t waterproof any of my bags and I don’t plan to waterproof my boy either.

Do you have any more tips and advices for newbies?
No Chanel is cheap, so do research well. I’m sure you’ve read all about lambskin and caviar, but I’d say try a few bags on. You can’t just look at a photo or see how it looks on another person. It’s just not the same. Your coloring, height, shape, and style are unique to you. And so should your bag be. I tried both boy and classic in different sizes and colors before buying them. I mean I knew I wanted them in black, but the navy boy was super tempting. Sometimes I still wonder if I should’ve bought this season navy, but then I think how both looked on me and am very happy I got the black one. So try them and get rid of any future doubt and regret altogether.

My other example trying on Chanel bags is that I’d have picked a clear minaudiere over a cc frame mini flap had I just looked at them in photos or on a shelf. But on me, a minaudiere was way too heavy and looked cartoonish whereas the cc frame looked like it just belongs on my shoulder. It’s a classic with a twist and it surprisingly fits me so well. I’m glad I had tried them on.

For those who have a budget for just one Chanel bag and won’t be getting another one for a few years, make a list of what you want to try on. Check out Chanel sites and pick the styles you love. Also, if it’s a very seasonal bag like Paris-Dallas fringe bags, look at them as often as possible to see if you’ll get bored with some. I mean a fringe bag is interesting and eye catching, but it just won’t stay IN forever. Will you still love it even if it’s not IN anymore? If the answer is yes, get the bag before it goes out of stock. Otherwise,…

For those with huge budget and will be able to buy more Chanels whenever you desire, congratulations, lucky ladies! Now you can buy whatever style that makes you happy. Don’t let other people judge you. Some will say it’s stupid to get an expensive bag to use it for a month. Others will ask what do you need five Chanels for. But so what? It’s gonna be one happy month and you’ve earned the cash to spend.

Happy Shopping!

If you’ve got any questions for Uxille or you want to share your own experience, do so in the comment section below.

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  • Angela


    Alex – I want a cross-body bag (WOC), black cavier, not popper button closure. What is your suggest?

    November 12, 2014
  • Paula


    Hi Alex! I’m looking for some considerable opinions, so I want to know about you if lambskin is so freak damageable as everyone say, because, after all, it’s steel been leather. I’m going to buy my first chanel, just as you did some months ago, and I’m a little scared. I think this last season boy is a big deal. Just because it don’t have a characteristic of a woc. It is just like any other boy handbag at all. But it is just what my heart say. My reason,in other hand says me to try to buy a cambon woc, that is really pretty, and have caviar leather. So I don’t know what to do. I want a beautiful woc, but it is something that I want to use as much as possible, like almost everyday. So here I am. What do you think? And the scratches in lambskin is so ugly and terrible like I can’t live with some in my handbag? And what between both leathers will be the most beautiful when this stay old enough and scratched enough to I call it vintage?

    June 27, 2014
      • Paula


        Thanks Alex. My concern is more in a few years. Both will getting old and I want to choose the leather that will looks like more luxurious by that time. I’m between the paris dallas boy, and cambon. Both woc. I’m feeling really lost.

        June 28, 2014
        • Paula


          What would you do Alex?

          June 30, 2014

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