Givenchy Nightingale Bags


Fine leather, superior simple, classy and the perfect everyday tool. There’s no need for this bag to scream for any attention, which is why I am loving it. Tiny Givenchy logos printed just below the handles are more than enough for people to recognize this beauty. I really adore this bag, let me tell you why…

The Givenchy Nightingale bag is like a multifunctional friend. It can be carried like a hobo or can be used as a hand carry tote. The size is huge, even the smallest can fit more than you can ever imagine. I love it because it can be used every day, oh gosh what am I saying. It’s the PERFECT EVERYDAY USE. Want to know more?

Well, especially the patent is surprisingly good to use if you need a friend for the day and night out. It feels like it’s covered in plastic, which makes it perfect when the rain drops. The water just glide off the bag like dust. The patent is also more durable than the other leather and can’t be scratched that easy.

The style is really gorgeous and very smooth too. The Two comfortable leather top handles, very easily to slight around your arms. The bag comes with a shoulder strap, in case you want to free your hands. Really roomy bag, fit easily all your essentials and much more.

Although the Nightingale comes in variation of colors and prints, I highly recommend the black. It’s not only because it’s a classic color (AND you can never go wrong with black), but it just look good on the nightingale and is also the reason why most people prefer this color. If you feel like getting a good bag, one that’s giving you the biggest bang, taking you to the next level of fashion, the Nightingale bag is highly recommended.


Givenchy Medium Nightingale in Black
at Forward By Elyse walker for $2,260


Givenchy Nightingale Medium in Beige
at Forward By Elyse walker for $2,020


Givenchy Nightingale in Medium 3D Effect in Red
at Forward By Elyse walker for $2,655


Givenchy Nightingale Medium in Hazel
at Forward By Elyse walker for $2,260


Givenchy Medium Croc Nightingale in Black
at Forward By Elyse walker for $2,300


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