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dior bag prices

Christian Dior, believe it or not, is new on the scene. So new that in 1947, when he premiered his first collection, he revolutionized fashion with the “New Look”: pinched waist, long sculptural skirts, practical pumps and a huge brimmed hat. He would continue to define women’s fashion throughout the 1950s and 1960s, with famous models like Audrey Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich.

Dior handbags are also unique. Not only is every single bag handmade by craftsman in France, every bag is directly inspired by the haute couture clothing and fragrances designed by Christian Dior himself. One of the last remaining haute couturiers in France, Dior offers you the chance to be a part of a long tradition of fine luxury goods. When every bag is made just for you, it’s hard to pass up! Check out the classics and the Dior bags prices.

Lady Dior Bag Price Reference

lady dior bag pricesDior Lady D Lite Bag Prices
Lady Dior BagDior Lady D-Lite Bag

Lady Dior Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Lady Dior Micro Bag in Leather$3900 USD€3400 euro
Lady Dior Mini Bag in Leather$5500 USD€4700 euro
Lady Dior Small Bag in Leather$5900 USD€5400 euro
Lady Dior Medium Bag in Leather$6500 USD€5900 euro
Lady Dior Large Bag in Leather$7000 USD€6200 euro

Dior D-Lite Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Lady D-Lite Medium Bag in Toile$5300 USD€4400 euro
Lady D-Lite Medium Bag in Cannage Embroidery$5300 USD€4400 euro

Princesses love it. Artists have made sculptures inspired by it. With its small box shape and thick leather handles, this bag is for long Sunday brunches at the Ritz and watching the horse races at Ascot. The Lady Dior debuted in 1995, and it has already earned its place as the most iconic Dior bag. It quickly became Princess Diana’s signature handbag, which is why Dior calls it the handbag with a “royal destiny.”

Its woven cannage design is inspired by the patterns on the Napoleon III chairs that Dior used in his first fashion show in 1947. Royalty shines inside and out, from the bag’s design to the ladies who carry it. And since 1995, Dior has made 10 different models and looks for the Lady Dior. The newest models are in reflective silver, embroidered black and white, and graded calfskin. The “D.I.O.R” charms add modern accessories to this classic shape – only a bag fit for royalty would come with jewels and charms ready to show off!

lady d joy bag priceslady dior abc bag prices
Lady D-Joy BagLady Dior My ABCDior Bag
dior saddle bag pricesDior Caro Bag Prices
Dior Saddle BagDior Caro Bag

Lady D-Joy BagPrice USDPrice Euro
Lady D-Joy Micro Bag in Leather$4400 USD€3000 euro
Lady D-Joy Small Bag in Leather$6100 USD€4200 euro
Lady D-Joy Medium Bag in Leather$6700 USD€4600 euro
Lady Dior My ABCDior BagPrice USDPrice Euro
Lady Dior My ABCDior Small Bag$6000 USD€5500 euro
Dior Saddle BagPrice USDPrice Euro
Dior Saddle Mini Bag With Strap in Toile$3900 USD€3400 euro
Dior Saddle Medium Bag With Strap in Oblique$4400 USD€3800 euro
Dior Saddle Micro Bag With Strap in Leather$2900 USD€2400 euro
Dior Saddle Medium Bag With Strap in Leather$4400 USD€3800 euro
Dior Caro BagPrice USDPrice Euro
Dior Small Caro Bag in Leather$4300 USD€3500 euro
Dior Medium Caro Bag in Leather$4600 USD€3800 euro
Dior Large Caro Bag in Leather$5000 USD€4100 euro

dior book bag pricesDiorcamp bag
Dior Book BagDior Camp Bag
Dior Montaigne Bag Prices Vdior bobby bag prices
Dior 30 Montaigne BagDior Bobby Bag

Dior Book Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Dior Mini Book Bag in Toile$2550 USD€1900 euro
Dior Small Book Bag in Toile$3250 USD€2600 euro
Dior Medium Book Bag in Toile$3350 USD€2700 euro
Dior Large Book Bag in Toile$3500 USD€2800 euro

Dior Camp Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Dior Camp Small Bag in Oblique$3800 USD€2900 euro

Dior 30 Montaigne Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Dior Small 30 Montaigne Bag in Toile$3600 USD€3100 euro
Dior 30 Montaigne Bag in Toile$4000 USD€3300 euro
Dior Micro 30 Montaigne Bag in Leather$2700 USD€2100 euro
Dior 30 Montaigne Bag in Toile$4000 USD€3300 euro
Dior 30 Montaigne East-West Bag in Chain With Toile$3500 USD€2900 euro
Dior 30 Montaigne East-West Bag in Chain With Leather$3500 USD€2900 euro
Dior 30 Montaigne Box Bag in Toile$3600 USD€2900 euro
Dior 30 Montaigne Box Bag in Leather$3600 USD€2900 euro

Dior Bobby Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Dior Medium Bobby Bag in Oblique$3800 USD€3100 euro
Dior Small Bobby Bag in Calfskin$3500 USD€2900 euro
Dior Medium Bobby Bag in Calfskin$3800 USD€3100 euro
Dior Large Bobby Bag in Calfskin$4400 USD€3500 euro
Dior Bobby East-West Bag in Oblique$3600 USD€2900 euro
Dior Bobby East-West Bag in Calfskin$3600 USD€2900 euro

Lady Dior Milly Mini BagDiorTravel Nomad Bag Prices
Lady Dior Milly BagDiorTravel Nomad Bag
Dior essentieel bag pricesDiorTravel Suitcase
Dior Medium Essential BagDiorTravel Small Suitcase

TypePrice USDPrice Euro
Lady Dior Milly Mini Bag$2200 USD€2000 euro
DiorTravel Medium Nomad Bag in Oblique$1950 USD€1800 euro
Dior Medium Essential Bag$5000 USD€4100 euro
DiorTravel Small Suitcase$3900 USD€3200 euro

Miss Dior Bag pricesdior toujours bag prices
Miss Dior BagDior Toujours Bag
Cest Dior Bag Pricesdior CD Signature Oval Bag
C’est Dior BagDior CD Signature Oval Bag

Miss Dior Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Miss Dior Mini Bag$2850 USD€2500 euro
Miss Dior Top Handle Bag$4000 USD€3500 euro

Miss Toujours Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Dior Small Toujours Bag$3500 USD€3100 euro
Dior Medium Toujours Bag$3900 USD€3500 euro
Dior Large Toujours Bag$4400 USD€3800 euro

C’est Dior Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
C’est Dior Medium Bag in Oblique$3800 USD€3200 euro
C’est Dior Small Bag in Calfskin$3450 USD€2900 euro
C’est Dior Medium Bag in Calfskin$3800 USD€3200 euro
C’est Dior Small Bag in Calfskin$4300 USD€3700 euro

Dior CD Signature Oval Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Dior CD Signature Oval Bag With Strap in Oblique$4100 USD€3400 euro
Dior CD Signature Oval Bag With Strap in Calfskin$4100 USD€3400 euro

dior CD Signature Oval Bagmiss caro bag prices
Dior CD Signature Oval Camera BagMiss Caro Bag
Dior Dream Bag pricesdior dream bag prices 2
Dior Dream BagDior Dream Bag

Hermes CD Signature Oval Camera Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Dior CD Signature Oval Camera Bag in Oblique$2300 USD€2100 euro
Dior CD Signature Oval Camera Bag in Calfskin$2300 USD€2100 euro

Miss Caro Micro Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Miss Caro Micro Bag in Leather$1490 USD€1400 euro
Miss Caro Mini Bag in Leather$2900 USD€2600 euro

Dior Dream Bag

Price USDPrice Euro
Dior Dream Bag in Cotton with Bead Embroidery$3800 USD

More Bag Prices

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Diorama Bag

Lady Dior My ABCDior Bag

Dior Lady D-lite Bag

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Dior Nomad Bag

Dior Vibe Bag

Dior Zip Bowling Bag

dior essential bag pricesLady Dior Top Handle Drawstring Bag PricesDiorcamp bag

Dior Essential Bag

Lady Dior Top Handle Drawstring Bag

Dior Camp Bag

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435 thoughts on “Dior Bag Prices”

  1. Hi,

    May I know how much is the Lady Dior evening clutch in Paris? I recently saw one in Vancouver and it’s $1,800 before tax. I’m going to Europe in September and would like to know how much is the price difference. Appreciated for any reply.

  2. hi, may i know how much the miss dior medium and large in sliding chain? and how much for the diorama medium bag? thx before

    • Hi Diana, the miss dior medium with chain is around $4400 USD and the large size $4600 USD. The Diorama will start at $3000 USD depending on the style, leathers and colors.

        • Hi Geenie, I want to help you, but I need to be honest. Dior used to have one price for all Euro countries. A month ago, we heard some policy changed, one lady got two prices from Dior for the same bag. I think it was the Diorissimo, the price the SA gave in Italy was different than in Paris. Because of this, the information we give might not be accurate. However, I would recommend you to email the customer service of Dior, because they will tell you the prices.

          • Thank you so much Lily ! My friend just help me to buy in Italy and the price is euro 2900 .
            May I know is it I can exchange color in singapore ? Because LV can Do it .

          • Hi Geenie, for this matter, I recommend to contact Dior customer service. I think its possible, because LV do it and even Chanel too. For Chanel bags, the exchange needs to be within 14 days.

      • Hi Alex, would you happen to know the price of the large miss dior promenade pouch in lamb in Paris and Amsterdam? is the latest model, S0257PGAI – 900U. I’m contemplating between getting in Singapore or seeking a friend’s help to get in Amsterdam. Singapore costs S$2800, which is about 1860euros.

        Would be grateful if you could reply:)

        • Hi Lihui, the Miss Dior Promenade Pouch is retailing for 1400 euro + VAT. You can get the VAT back also if you’re a non-eu citizen.

  3. Hello Alex, my friend going to France next month and I am considering to buy a dior bag.Do you know the price for the medium ladydior in black lambskin? How about the price for dioissimo in black? Thank you!

    • Hi Vivian, we do not have the prices in AUD, but designer bags are generally more expensive in Australie. You might want to contact Dior customer service, they will be happy to send you the prices. Keep us updated if you can.

  4. Hi Alex & everyone, really love this website, thank you Alex for this.
    May I know
    the price of the lady Dior bag in small & med in France.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Lynn, thanks for the comment =D

      Lady Dior Small Bag: 2000 euro (ex. vat)
      Lady Dior Medium Bag: 2800 euro (+ vat)

      Please note that prices are from Paris, Milan might be different. Hope this helps.

      • may i know why the prices are different in different european countries?

        Where is it cheapest to buy the lady dior bag and the Diorissimo bag in medium then

        • I do not understand too, Dior didn’t give us a clear explanation, other than they set the prices. I think it has to do with the demand and the tax differences. I would buy in Paris.

        • If Dior hasn’t increase the price, which I belief they have not. The mini Lady Dior bag in Patent is priced at 2050 euro for the single color. 2250 euro for tri-color.

      • Hi Alex
        im wondering why you say the small is 2000 euros
        as the prices listed above :
        Lady Dior Small Bag: $2,900 USD, in tri-color; $3,500 USD, in Lizard; $8,000 USD, €2400 euro’s, in crocodile; €11000 euro’s, $3800 SGD

        does that mean there is a price difference of 400 euros between paris and other european countries??

        and im also saw the diorissmo small bag posted on the dior site, so is it not discontinued?

        • Hi bag, the price of 2000 euro for the small is ex. VAT (Value Added Taxes). The rate for Paris VAT is 20 percent. The price of 2400 euro is VAT included.

          I just recently noticed the price difference that Dior set between Europe countries, normally designer brands set 1 price for all euro countries.

          No the Small Diorissimo Bag is not discontinued.

  5. Did diorbar small/medium have strap shoulder? And did they have pink color (light pink not fuchsia, or other pink)? How about bedior? They have light pink color? If you have picture, please email me. And the price. I like dior leather just not like lady dior. Not fit with my style. But, bedior or diorbar more like my style. Thank you.

  6. Hi I will be going to paris in march, is it cheaper pay in cash or credit card as I heard that VAT refund for credit card is higher? Thanks!

    • Because creditcard takes longer time, you can get more back. But I usually take cash because I want to be 100 percent sure of everything.

    • Hi Puff, I do not know the price of Lady Dior Large Bag in Dubai, but that’s easy to check with Dior customer service. About the tax-refund, they don’t charge VAT, so there is nothing to refund. But the bags are snapped really quickly, the selection are less compared to Europe. Dubai is cheaper than US and Singapore, but not as cheap as Europe because of the tax-refund.

  7. Hello,

    Congrats for the amazing website!
    I am going to move to London in 1 week, and I wish to buy a Medium Lady Dior. Where do you think it’s cheaper: Heathrow, Paris or London?

    • Trying to find a new home for classic Dior Black Cannage Quilted Lambskin Granville Tote. Still in Original box and dust bag with ribbon it was wrapped in. Originally purchased at Saks (have receipt) for $2995USD. This gorgeous handbag is made of soft quilted lambskin. Featured dangling silvertone DIOR letter chains. Structured top handles and adjustable, detachable long shoulder strap. Signature CD is engraved on silver hardware. Authenticity cards (12-MA-0133) booklet, dust bag, original Dior box, Dior gift bag and Dior ribbon. Used once but I have MS and have never got to get out and use this beautiful handbag. I would like to find someone who will love this bag and selling will go towards treating my MS. Guaranteed authentic. Will forward detailed photos and store receipt from Saks Fifth Avenue.

  8. Hi guys,
    I’m going to Milan at the end of this month, and I’m really interested in the Micro Lady Dior in black. Is it something I should reserve or is it a bag they will always have in stock? I have never purchased anything from Dior before.

    Also in case I should reserve, do anyone have an email I could write to?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Yasemin, unlike some designer brands, the customer service folks are really helpful. They can tell you where they have stock so you can call the boutique and ask for reservation.

      Please send an email through here: Dior Contact

  9. Hi,

    I will go to Europe next month, I wish to buy Lady Dior. Does anyone know their email that I can write to them to reserve my dream bag?



  10. Hi!

    Do you know how much lambskin lady dior medium size orange color in Taiwan or Japan in 2015?

    How much for the same bag in Italy?

    Thank you ~

  11. love love love this blog! thank you for writing up on this!
    quick question ladies, I’m heading for a long holiday to Europe this January and was wondering if the Lady Dior Bag in Patent Leather would be cheaper in Paris, Milan or Rome?

    thank you!

    • Hi cbabe, Milan and Rome is in Italy right, in the same country. First of all, you get more tax-refund from Italy than in France, Italy is like 14 percent, while France is like 12 percent. More, somehow Dior has different prices in France and Italy (we figure this out through this website, someone posted about it and emailed Dior why the prices differ and so on), but Dior is Cheaper in Italy, dunno why.


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