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Where is Chanel boutique in Heathrow Airport located?
No doubt that Heathrow airport is the best spot to buy your Chanel bag. The boutique is located in the tax-free area in terminal 3. The store is open from 7:00 to 22.00, you can give them a call at: 44-20-87541000.

Did Heathrow Chanel boutique stopped stocking Chanel bags?
No, Chanel boutique in Heathrow did not stopped stocking Chanel bags. But Chanel did decided to stop stocking iconic bags like classic flap or reissue flaps.

How much tax can you refund in Europe?
VAT (value added tax) are tax added on the top of the price of a product. NON-EU can apply for tax-refund. Your VAT-refund depends per country, because the rate are different. In the Netherlands VAT are 21%, while in Germany the VAT are 19%. Generally you can get 10 – 12% tax-refund after subtracting the administration fee.

How to apply for tax refund?
If you travel more than one country in Europe, then claim your tax-refund at the last stop. Ask the SA or the manager of the store for documents/form to apply for the refund. The form contains all the details about the goods and where you bought it. You have now two options to apply for tax refund:

1a. Take the form to an airport, let the customs see it and declare tax-refund in an afilliate company there. You should go a bit earlier to the airport, ask for the location where the tax-refund is and then apply it there.

1b. There are afilliate companies in Europe where you can apply for a tax refund. Go to this site: and enter an EU city. You can find the adress of the afilliate companies.

How much tax-refund can I get in the US?
EU has VAT and US has sales tax. The sales tax is used to pay for the roads, subway, police… There are no tax-refund. The only spot you can get tax-free goods are at the airport. Given that US have 50 states with 50 different laws, it’s impossible to manage them all.

Do you hate Chanel price increase?
So far Chanel have increased their prices every year, I do love them to stop the price increase. Yes, I hate it too!

What is the best place to buy Chanel bag? London or Italy?
If the Chanel bag that you want is a limited edition or a classic version like the medium flap, then I would go to London. Especially when you are drooling on a color that Chanel is not stocking too often. London has more boutique than Italy. Chances that your bag are available is bigger.

Are Chanel made in China?
Chanel bags are ‘never’ made in China. If they’d please let me know, becoz I will start selling. There are several reason I think why?
1. Chanel bags are made from machines that we can’t buy in a DIY store. That’s one of the secret to making authentic bags. The secrets of production might be copied if they outsource to China.
2. Chanel bags made in France (or other EU countries) sounds more reliable, doesn’t it?
3. Quality and craftsmanship reason.

When will Chanel increase price in 2013?
We only heard rumors or tips from SA and share, the only peoples that knows the exact date are the ones sitting in Chanel head office.

Are PST/Medallion discontinued?
SA only says that some countries are not stocking PST anymore. They didn’t said it was discontinued. I think they are becoming limited and who knows, maybe they are getting ripe for huge price increase.

How many stuff can you put inside your jumbo?
Medium wallet, iPhone, Agenda, Make-up box, Ipad mini and sunglass case. This might give an indication how big the medium is.

Is Louis Vuitton Verona GM already discontinued?
I can see the Verona GM is still available on LV website.

My bag is white cavier colour how must I clean it?
– Chanel uses clean-eraser to clean their display bag
– Baby wipes does help
– Did you considered trying Tana leather cleaner?

This website is not for me, but for every bag-addicted-girls =). Do you know something that I don’t? Please share them in the comment. I think your extra input would provide great value for other girls in the world.


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  • Lili


    I am going to Japan and I would like to know if Chanel offers the 5% tax return in their stores. I am travelling from Narita Airport. Thanks

    December 23, 2013
    • Alex


      I know that Chanel do offer tax-refund in Japan, but not sure how much.

      December 28, 2013
  • Lola11155



    Does anyone know the price for a chanel jumbo in beige at heathrow airport? are they still available there at all?

    many thanks!!!

    June 2, 2013
  • Sherrie


    Hi there,
    Do you know where I can still purchase a PST?
    I was told Chanel has discontinued it.

    Thank you.

    April 22, 2013
  • Jane


    I travel a lot and looking for a mid size chanel bag, prefer with zipper for security reason and I am only 5ft 2. Looking at spring/summer ACT but it only comes in beige and a little over my budget. Is there anything close to this collection. My cousin bought the cruise line 2012 but not available anymore. I am from HK and really expensive here.

    April 14, 2013
      • Jane


        I really enjoy your website, thanks so much for this informative site. I am thinking of the tote too but do they come with zipper? Read some of the post and the PST price about is about my budget, HK seems to sell at HK$19K per your website? Consider a flap but not sure which model to get. my cousin recently bought one from fall cruise (don’t know the model) but is no longer available. Like the spring Act model but a bit over my budget. Beside PST, what else could be around the size/budget as far as you know? If price is not too much different may begin HK as I don’t have a trip to Europe but to Canada in August. Will it be cheaper there?

        April 15, 2013
          • Anonymous

            Any idea how much they sell for? The new tote looks nice.mthx.

            April 16, 2013
          • Anonymous

            I went to the store today and have to admit was a bit disappointed when I saw the real bag. i think I will change my mind and get a Prada instead. The tote is a bit bulky. The GST is not really big ( they said PST is disco and very small). I ended up moving to look at a bigger purse but it is kind off out of my target range and I can get Prada for 50% of cost. Also selection in HK is not good. Could be an incentive to go Italy. Thanks for the tips.

            April 17, 2013
          • Jane

            I may go for Tessuto Gaufre nylon bag as it is lighter and still quite classy. the Saffiano tote is also being considered. Which one will you go for?

            April 18, 2013
  • Celine


    Hi there,

    I’m going to Paris on the coming month of June. I was thinking to go for Chanel this time for my next collection and i’m new.

    Please advise me on this… ‘Chanel Classic Medium VS Boy Chanel Medium’!
    As heard Chanel Classic is always increase the price by every year but i truly love the latest iconic bag of boy chanel so much!!

    I need your advise.. >.<"


    April 9, 2013
      • Celine


        Thanks for the reply.

        The Boy Chanel really COOL indeed! By the way, is the Boy Chanel are limited edition of Chanel collection?

        April 9, 2013
  • gemma


    This may seem like a silly question but i am new to Chanel. i recently got my first Marc Jacobs and now I want a Chanel.

    I want a small bag for evening and prefer something I can wear across my body as I tend to get drunk and lose things. I really wanted the mini flap but they stopped doing those right?

    So I have decided I want to get the WOC but do the stores stock all the different varieties or only the ones in season online? At the moment they have a blue jersey and a silver leather. I really wanted the black caviar with gold. Is it possible to find this in store or will I have to buy it used or wait for a new collection. My birthday is in a month and I really really want this bag.

    April 4, 2013
  • Adelene


    Hello everyone,

    Read your posts about Chanel and i know that all of you do know alot about the topic and hence will need your advise.

    I recently bought my first Chanel – The classic flap in jumbo size with gold hard ware from 31 Rue Cambon in Paris. I have only used the bag about a handful of times. Today, i noticed a small (and i mean really tiny tiny thread fray at the bottom, near the base of the bag) and im really disturbed. I tried to use a fine pair of scissors to snip off the tiny loose thread but later stopped myself cos i dont wanna cause more damage (just in case i damage it and the stitching unravels or what and voids whatever warranty that the bag might come with).

    Which brings me to the topic – Does the Chanel bag come with international warranty? Meaning if i had gotten the bag in Paris, the Chanel store in the country that i reside in (Im living in Singapore), will honour the warranty? Im my ecstasy of purchasing the bag i forgot if the Sales Associate at the Paris store told me about the warranty. Though i vaguely remembered that he told me that if there is any problem with the bag, the local Chanel store (at the country i reside in, will help me with it).

    Should i bring the bag back to the Chanel store in SG for them to have a look at it? I dont wanna be a drama queen about this, but it is afterall only the most expensive bag i have ever splurged on and i want it to be perfect.

    Will be grateful for your advise.

    Thanks so much! 🙂


    April 1, 2013
      • Adelene


        Hi there Sassy bag!

        Thanks so much for the prompt reply! I brought the bag back into the local Singapore Chanel store today and they took the bag in for repair and gave me a receipt for the taking in the bag.

        The sales associate there told me that it will take about 2 to 4 weeks for the bag to be done. They will call me back for it when it is ready for collection. She took the flap protector (the black piece of cloth that protects between the flaps of the double-flap bag) and also the dust bag that i brought along with me.

        I requested to keep the authenticity card as i dont trust it with them in case they lose it. Since they have verified that it is a genuine bag there is no need for them to keep the card is there?

        Hence, im so glad that they informed me that it will be free of charge for the repair as it is still within the one year window period. However, she reassured me that at any time if i need repair jobs on the bag i can always bring it back to them. There will be repair charges if it is for for eg; replacing the hard ware or leather straps etc… if the job cant be done locally, the bag will be shipped to Paris to get it done.

        Meanwhile, i will be experiencing separation anxiety from my Chanel bag… and hoping that when i get it back, it will be perfect again.

        Regards: Adelene.

        April 2, 2013
        • Esther


          Hi Adelene

          Thank you for sharing your experience. I too have a similar problem with my classic flap bag. I bought my bag in Paris in May 2013 and have used it for only about 3 times since the purchase. Yesterday when I took it out I found one of the stitches at the corner of the back pocket (the stitch that connects the burgundy and black leather) has become loose and started to fray. Like you, I also tried to pull it out and snip it but big mistake…the burgundy thread from the bottom came up to the front and it’s very noticeable with my black-colored bag!!

          So I called my local Chanel in Toronto and they said the same thing–they asked me to bring it in and they maybe able to fix it (but she’s uncertain if there will be any charges as it depends on how bad it is!). I’ll probably go to the Chanel boutique after the holiday season since I will be away for a few weeks starting next week. I’m also worried that if I bring the bag in, will they do a good job or will they make the bag even worse, or even damaging other areas that were perfectly fine before…? (Perhaps I’m worrying too much)

          So anyways, I just want to find out from you, Adelene, about your experience fixing the stitches on your Chanel bag. Were you satisfied with the repair? Were you able to collect your bag within the time frame they promised? If you can share your experience after picking up the bag that will be great 🙂


          December 16, 2013
  • jen


    hi, Thank you for your info.
    I have small 2.55 blk, and thinking to buy one, but I don’t know I should buy season bag or classic line ( like cerf bag or jumbo ) or looks like classic in season bag line ( like ITB ). don’t know what to get.
    I would be appreciated your input.
    Thank you.

    March 29, 2013
  • ella


    hello dear, i really wanna buy a classic black caviar medium reissue .. if it wasn’t available (london or france) can i place an order ?

    March 22, 2013
      • ella


        am from kuwait, the chanel store stock here is very limited!! i was hoping i’d get one this summer as am planning a trip to london… so they stopped making mediums in caviar ??

        March 22, 2013
          • ella

            oh, well thank you for your reply keep up the awesome work on the blog !

            March 22, 2013
  • Wen


    Is it hard to get Chanel jumbo in uk now?

    March 14, 2013
  • Sheryll


    What’s a clean-eraser? Is it the same eraser for pencils? I have a beige caviar pst. The metal straps are creating some marks on the leather. Thanks!

    March 11, 2013
  • Roni


    Pity, no tax refund in US

    March 4, 2013

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