How Much Would You Sell Your Chanel Handbag For?

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How Much Would You Sell Your Chanel Handbag For?

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How Much Would You Sell Your Chanel Handbag For?


I’ve already discussed the risks in selling your Chanel handbag, along with some tips. Now, the question is at what price your bag should be set. You should keep in mind that the price should match the value of your bag. You can’t sell a damaged bag at the price of a gently used one. It’s just not ethical. Who is willing to pay for that?

It’s apparent that you want to sell your Chanel bag for the highest price possible, but that’s not really realistic. It all depends on what people are willing to pay for your bag.

Brand New or Like New
It’s not really a good idea to sell a brand new bag. This is because no one would pay retail price for it. Why pay retail price for a new bag from a re-seller when you can just get a brand new bag from a Chanel boutique for the same price. That would make a lot more sense, right? If you’re considering selling a brand new bag know that you will not be receiving full price for it.
Always keep in mind that you must match the price of the bag with its value. As soon as you purchase a Chanel bag from the boutique it’s re-sell value drops. This is because of the common risks involved in purchasing a bag from a re-seller. Potential buyers don’t have the assurance from you that they would have with buying a bag from a boutique.

I think it’s appropriate to drop the full retail price 10% when selling a Chanel bag that is less than six months old and is in like-new condition.

Bags Less Than Four Years Old and In Good Condition
If you want to sell your Chanel bag that has a few years to it, but is still in good condition you can get a pretty nice price on it. The better condition it is in, the better the price could be. This is particularly important because the buyer will never know how many times you’ve worn the bag. If the bag is less than two years old, you should probably take 15% off of the market value.
Don’t be discouraged by taking away value from the market. When I mention market value, I mean the current market value. So, you could make a profit from selling your bag at this rate.

Bags Less Than Four Years Old and In Fair/Used Condition
All bag abuse is not equal, but I know you’re probably wondering how to decipher between fair and used. If your bag has small internal damage, but still looks fairly new on the outside then it could be considered in fair condition. These types of Chanel bags could sell at 25% off of the market value.

However, if the bag you want to sell has lost its initial shape, changed colors, a missing zipper or screw then the bag can be considered to be in used or bad condition. Setting a value for bags like this can be a little tricky. Overall, it depends on the amount of damage the bag has. I suggest setting the price at 25-50% off of market value.

Bags Older than Four Years
Even if you’ve kept your bag in good condition over the years, time can still wear a Chanel bag out. The outside color may change, or the shape might look a little odd. Don’t fret over it; it’s almost inevitable. However, Chanel handbags are still valuable even in their old age.
So, depending on the overall condition of the bag you should set your price from 25-75% off of the current market value. Remember, that there is a possibility of making a profit it just depends on the condition.

When selling your bag, experiment and post the highest possible price. If people respond to your asking price then you are well within in your price range. However, if no one responds to your posting then maybe you need to rethink about the price.

I hoped this helped for all of you who want to sell their Chanel bags. Tell me what you think.


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  1. I own a vintage Chanel mini flap in a gold bronze colour. I am thinking of having redone in black. Do you reckon it’s worth more to keep its original colour? Or will it be as valuable in black ? It’s in excellent condition. I would really appreciate your advice. Thank you ?. Best wishes. Cici.


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