How To Buy A Chanel Bag On Sales?

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How To Buy A Chanel Bag On Sales?

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How To Buy A Chanel Bag On Sales?


Welcome to Woodbury Designer Outlet Mall

There are enough people who buys Chanel second-hand or on sales. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as it is authentic. A brand-new Chanel bag cost at least thousands of dollars, a small Chanel bag like the WOC is equivalent to one month salary. For most girls, owning a Chanel bag is a dream come true. Just remember that we buy Chanel not because of the bag, we buy the feeling that comes with the brand Chanel. A feeling that can’t be described.

So where to buy Authentic Chanel bags on sales?

Chanel sample sales websites
There are not many websites that sells Chanel bags cheap, but some websites do get stock for unknown reason. I found several websites like Shopbop that occasionally had Chanel vintage bags on sales. It’s rare, but even flash sites like GILT and Rue La La have stock. They give you limited time to buy them, and to get access to their products, you need to sign up.

On site sample sales
Online sample sales are very common especially in the United States. You can find them in cities like New York or L.A., but that doesn’t surprise me, because a lot of designer brands are established in there.

Chanel Outlet Store
Chanel boutiques are all over the world and I visit them whenever I can. I love the service and the décor. But there’s actually a Chanel outlet located in Woodbury commons center in NY. The prices of the Chanel bags are well below the original price, but there are not much to choose. Mostly only left-overs and bags you probably don’t like.

UPDATE: The retail store in Woodbury Commons is closed since 2011. Unfortunate!

Another famous outlet is in Florence, in Europe. You might want to try that one out.

Consignment stores that sells Chanel bags
If I ever consider buying a Chanel bag used, I would rather find a reliable consignment store to shop than visiting the Ebay store. Usually great consignment stores buy used Chanel bags, qualify the authenticity and then refurbish them before selling. Mostly, they look splendid, brand-new and you will be happy to flaunt them to your friends.

Apart from the Chanel classic flap bag that sells well over $4k, you can find cheaper Chanel bags that look quite similar. For example, the Chanel easy flap was a seasonal bag in 2013, it was selling half the price of the Chanel classic flap bag. For the fall/winter 2013 collection, Chanel had the CC Crave in stock. And if that doesn’t satisfy you, Chanel has recently re-released the Chanel extra mini and the mini classic flap bag that are selling for $1,800. There are many alternative to go for, why settle for a used bag? Just buy it brand-new.


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  1. Please check that in Florence outlets (the Mall// Barberino) there is a chanel store. I have not been successful in finding it, and I do shopping there once a year.


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