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Balenciaga Giant 12 City Bag Review

Balenciaga Giant City Bag

You might have seen all the Balenciaga handbags, but you certainly haven’t seen anything so giant like this! With this giant hardware and studs that are now so fascinating, some do say that the front resembles a face- it’s your Balenciaga Giant 12 City Bag. You know what is the most functional element in this leather giant? It’s the front zipper pocket that helps to break up the design.

Taking us back in time of 90s when the Balenciaga Motorcycle bags were cult classics, this piece is a touch of grunge to a timeless and classic form. All of this comes with a humongous size to stuff your belongings. As the bag is put down, it cutely loses its shape like a soft toy.

But, it isn’t just the looks; this Giant 12 is an exemplary bag on day-to-day basis. It has those dual carry weapons you know! One is the double top handle with smart whip stitching finish and the other is the shoulder strap.


Balenciaga Giant City Bag

What are the design details that make it so unique? To answer that, we have an opening top zipper closure, removable shoulder strap, smooth leather, lustrous hardware, embellished stitching details, leather zipper pull and front zip pocket.

Don’t just get us started on the splendid array of shades offered in this design. You have the Blue Obscur, Gris Chartreaux, Griss Fossile, and many more that you haven’t even heard till now, its Balenciaga after all, so we should no how the color scheme goes. Two cons? The zipper closure can be a bit difficult at times and you might want a longer shoulder strap.


Balenciaga Giant City Bag

Get more than you bargained for and put more than you ever needed, we have some extra space for your essentials. The bag has a woven lining, internal zipped and slot pockets for further organization of your bags. At times you do wonder that even though you have a giant hardware version the bag is still lightweight. This bag is relatively light as compared to the other hardware and exotic leather purses.


Balenciaga Giant City Bag

From Left To Right: Mini, Medium
Styles Size
Balenciaga Giant 12 Mini City Bag 9’ x 6.2’ x 3.5’ (W x H x D) inches
Balenciaga Giant 12 Small City Bag 11.3’ x 7.4’ x 3.9’ (W x H x D) inches
Balenciaga Giant 12 Medium City Bag 14.8’ x 9.4’ x 5.5’ (W x H x D) inches

Leathers And Materials

Balenciaga Giant City Bag



Balenciaga Giant City Bag

From Left To Right: Black, Blue Obscur

Balenciaga Giant City Bag

From Left To Right: Griss Fossile, Gris Chartreux, Blei Obscur


Balenciaga Giant City Bag


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