Hermes Silky Trim Bag

Hermes Silky Trim Bag thumb

The latest Hermes Trim Bag is back, but redecorated with silk. This bag is also partly made with calfskin leather. The Silk truly changes the experience of this design as it shimmers on the front and back of the body. This design is also called ‘Faubourg Rainbow’ because it features the same bright colors as … Read more

Hermes Silk Pouches

Hermes Silk Pouches thumb

Completely under the radar, designed for the Hermes Petite H Collection, there is a new bag released. It’s the Hermes Silk Pouches. Some of Hermes’s most famous pieces are made from silk, like the Silk Twills. These pouches are 100% made from silk and they’re reversible pouches, which means you can change the look instantly. … Read more

Hermes Silk Twill Reverse Pouches

Hermes Reverse Pouches thumb

Straight from the Petite H Collection, a new Hermes Silk Twill Pouch has emerged. If you love everything Silk Twill that Hermes makes, then hold on for a minute. This Silk Twill Pouch is more than just a Pouch, it can be reversed. Reversed handbags have been trending for some time now. But have you … Read more