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Hermes Silk Pouches

Hermes Silk Pouches

Completely under the radar, designed for the Hermes Petite H Collection, there is a new bag released. It’s the Hermes Silk Pouches.

Some of Hermes’s most famous pieces are made from silk, like the Silk Twills. These pouches are 100% made from silk and they’re reversible pouches, which means you can change the look instantly.

What’s unique? The Silk Pouch can be separated, but re-attached together thanks to the button in mother-of-pearl design.

More over, each petite h piece is different, the color and pattern will be a surprise upon purchase.

The measurement of each pouch:

Hermes Small Silk PM Pouch is measured L 16 x W 12.5 cm.

Hermes Small Silk MM Pouch is measured L 22.5 x W 16.5 cm.

Hermes Small Silk GM Pouch is measured L 30.7 x l 23 cm.

The set of 3 pouches is priced at €395 euro via Hermes boutiques.

Hermes Silk Pouches

Hermes Silk Pouches


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