Hermes Silk Twill Heart Purses


There is a purse that can make you go ‘OMG’ and it’s from Hermes’s Petite H Collection. And even tough it’s a small item, but sometimes small can be irresistible too. You buy it because you fell in love with it and there is no rational clarification needed. Now introducing the Hermes Silk Twill Heart Purses – this is a limited edition, meaning: ‘when it’s gone, it might be gone forever’.

The Design

You know the Silk Twill Scarf? If you’re a fan of Hermes, you know that this is the most famous scarf in town. When people can’t find handbags at Hermes airports, they go for the Silk Twill Scarves, period!

Now the same Silk Twill material has been used to crafted this Heart Purse, but then only for the interior. The exterior is made from calfskin and Hermes has purposely crafted a cut-out heart pattern to showcase the beauty of the interior. This purse doesn’t come with a shoulder strap for shoulder carry, but it does come with a wrist-strap.

The Interior

Like we’ve said above, the interior is made from silk and the print looks a lot like the ones on the Silk Twill Scarves. Each silk has their own unique print, which is unique and artful. There are different colors available and here are the final details:

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 12.5 x 10.5 cm, priced at £550 GBP via Hermes boutiques.

More Colors






  • Anonymous


    Perfect workmanship and totally like this purse from the petite H collection.

    September 21, 2017
  • Anonymous


    Bought this change purse (in vert colour) from Hermes Sloane Street yesterday

    September 20, 2017

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