Hermes SilkyCity Bag in Leather thumb

Hermes SilkyCity Bag in Leather

Hermes SilkyCity Bag in Leather

The name says it all, the Hermes Silky City Bag is made from Silk. Well, not really. When Hermes launched the first edition of this bag, it was indeed made from super soft and smooth Silk. It was an signature bag with nice art-like pattern.

But now there is a new version and it gives a totally different appeal. The design is the same as well as the size, but it’s made from leather. To be exact, from Taurillon Clemence leather. Even the tag is made from leather.

The style is crafted in single color with unlined interior. The strap is also made from leather and can be adjusted to your comfort. So can we still call it the ‘Silky City Bag’? or should we name it the ‘Leather City Bag’?

This bag measures 33 x 33 x 1 (L x H x D) cm and is priced at €2370 EUR, £2370 GBP via Hermes boutiques.

Hermes SilkyCity Bag in Leather


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