The Ultimate Guide: Hermes Timeless Bags


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The Ultimate Guide: Hermes Timeless Bags

The Ultimate Guide: Hermes Timeless Bags

Hermes Iconic Bags



Hermes Birkin Bag

First adorned on the arm of the infamous Jane Birkin back in 1984, the Hermes Birkin Bag quickly soared to the top of the popularity charts, becoming one of the most sought after bags in the fashion industry. It’s every fashionistas dream accessory and is the epitome of elegance, sophistication, and class. Each bag takes a whopping 18 hours to create and requires incredibly skilled craftsman to put the piece together. Oozing with luxury and sleek, polished exterior, the Birkin Bag features two beautifully rolled leather handles as well as a flap closure to keep your items safe inside the roomy interior. It’s closed off with two beautiful belted straps and a turnlock right in the center for utmost security. Undoubtedly an iconic accessory.


Hermes Kelly Bag

Given the name ‘Kelly Bag’ in 1977, the Hermes Kelly Bags have a rich history dating back all the way to 1892 when the first prototype for the bag was made. This gorgeous piece of a symbol of elegance and is certainly one of the most sleek and classy designs in the fashion industry. Similar to the Birkin Bag in terms of space and simplicity, the Kelly Bag is a fabulous accessory that differs only in the way of its single leather handle which some may prefer over double handles.


Hermes Herbag Zip Bag

The Hermes Herbag Zip is known as the Kelly Bag’s twin sister. They are extremely similar in design, featuring the same trapezoid shape and luxurious appearance. It’s sleek design closely resembles the Kelly, however the Herbag Zip features a different closure and a handy shoulder strap for ease of use. The front and back also feature separate styles and designs for a very luxurious and enticing look.


Hermes Constance Bag

The beautiful, sleek Hermes Constance Bag was designed in 1959 by Catherine Chaillet. She named the pristine accessory after her fifth child, and story goes that the first Constance bag was released from the shop on the same day Catherine gave birth. This lovely piece includes a long shoulder strap that can quickly be doubled up to create a handy shorter length handle.

Hermes Limited Bags (Hard To Find)



Hermes Kelly Cut Bag

Dreaming of a delightful clutch? Consider the Hermes Kelly Cut. This sophisticated, super feminine clutch is designed with a gorgeous lengthy rectangular body and the same design as the classy Hermes Kelly bag. An adorable little handle up top and a buckled clasp closure up front creates a sleek and polished accessory that’s perfect for fancy occasions.


Hermes Kelly Danse Bag

Crossbody bags don’t get any more stylish or dignified than a Hermes Kelly Danse Bag. Featuring the beloved front closure same as the classic Hermes Kelly Bag, this unique and stylish bag also includes a lengthy shoulder strap so you can quickly add a dose of style and sophisticated to your look.


Hermes Kelly Pochette Bag

A little bit larger, a little bit roomier, and a little bit squarer; the Hermes Kelly Pochette Bag is a dainty little number that features all our favourite features of the classic Hermes Kelly bag. It’s slightly boxier in shape than other Kelly bags, a perfect choice for an everyday purse choice for the lady that needs structure and shape.


Hermes Kelly Lakis Bag

In love with the Kelly bag but want something a little different? Perhaps with a little more edge and attitude? The Hermes Kelly Lakis Bag is your answer. The Hermes Kelly Lakis Bag features something you’ve certainly never seen before: with double side-by-side zipper pockets on the exterior. So edgy, so cool. It’s a delightful take on the chic and iconic Kelly bag and has plenty of fashionistas in love.


Hermes HAC Bag

The HAC has one thing in mind: SPACE. It’s an awesome oversized version of the classic Birkin bag and is a great choice for the fashionista that needs tons of interior storage space. A little bit more slouched, it’s a rather casual accessory great for everyday use.

Hermes Timeless Bags



Hermes Berline Bag

Known as the ‘sporty’ Hermes bag, this cute and casual shoulder bag features a short shoulder strap so the purse dangles closer to the body for an easy on-the-go fit. The front features a unique chunky quilted design that adds texture and flavour to the overall appearance. The Hermes Berline Bag is certainly an eye catcher and is the perfect choice for the lady who wants a more casual purse rather than a piece of pure elegance.


Hermes Lindy Bag

The Hermes Lindy Bag is a splendid, casual style that features two separate sides with zipper pulls for each side, opening up to a roomy interior for all your essentials. The zipper pulls come together in the center of the purse and can be locked using the iconic Hermes twisting lock. Carry by hand or throw it over your shoulder for a polished, yet easy-going style that matches with any wardrobe, day or night.


Hermes Jypsiere Bag

Resembling the iconic Birkin Bag, the Hermes Jypsiere features the same distinct structure, clasps, and side straps as the Birkin, designed into a stunning messenger style bag that’s handy and cute.


Hermes So Kelly Bag

Known as the shoulder bag version of the beloved and ever-popular Kelly bag, the Hermes So Kelly Bag features a unique bucket style design that’s casual yet sophisticated all at once. A front zipper pocket and a flat pocket on the back adds a little bit of dimension and storage while the roomy interior has tons of space. Super adorable and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap so you can switch up your look from short to long with ease.



Hermes Toolbox Bag

If a roomy interior is what you’re seeking, there’s truly no better choice than the Hermes Toolbox Bag. Resembling an actual toolbox (in an utterly enchanting and sophisticated manner, of course), this delightful Hermes bag includes side wings that can be opened for additional storage- in case the three extra large interior pockets aren’t enough! Use it as a handbag or switch it up as a sultry shoulder piece in a matter of seconds.


Hermes Double Sens Bag

Understated with a subtle, refined beauty, the Hermes Double Sens Bag is the shopping tote must-have accessory. It’s practical with loads of space inside and can even be reversed to switch up your style in seconds- it’s like having two bags in one! Carrying this extra-large accessory is a cinch with the double handles and fashionistas love the simplistic exterior that’s nothing short of dignified.



Hermes Garden Party Bag

As the name would suggest, the Hermes Garden Party is really a party when it comes to fashion! It’s got a sturdy leather base to ensure the bag doesn’t lose structure, tubular handles for ease of carrying, and expandable snap sides so you can rock some gusset sides and even more interior storage for all your needs. A sleek design- as you would assume from Hermes- makes this bag a wonderful choice for the businesswoman.


Hermes Evelyne Bag

The Evelyne bag is a unique piece with the iconic H stamped in the front surrounded by a circle. This gorgeous rounded rectangular shaped accessory includes a trendy shoulder strap for ease of use.


Hermes Victoria Bag

Everyday purses don’t have to be boring or a drag; and the Hermes Victoria Bag proves it. As you would guess from Hermes, this handbag has a gorgeous and tasteful look that’s sleek and sexy, while also being slouchy for a casual appeal. Open the top and find yourself in a realm of space and luxury for all your precious items- and even a few extras! The perfect everyday style for any lady.


Hermes Sac A Depeche 41 Bag

A briefcase style is what the Hermes Sac A Depeche 41 is all about, with a rectangular shape and a large front flap closure and a super short handle for a businesslike appearance. Perfect for the lady of the office who truly wants to combine class with business apparel.


Hermes Sac Roulis Bag

A beautiful messenger bag with a nifty exterior that’s unique and exquisite. Features a gorgeous front flap closure hardware and a roomy interior for all your must-haves. Very trendy look for a shoulder bag.


Hermes Catenina Bag

A Hermes bag can only be given even more style and elegance with the use of dainty, delicate chains just like you see on the Catenina bag. This lovely accessory features a unique swivelled front flap with a dangling chain that’s feminine and alluring. It’s the perfect classy piece for the lady who loves just a touch of edge in her dignified style.


Hermes Picotine Lock Bag

For the lady who loves a bucket style purse, consider the Hermes Picotine Lock Bag. This unique and lovely bag is perfect for everyday use as it has tons of interior space for all your necessities.



Hermes Cabag Bag

The Cabag bag is undoubtedly one of the most unique Hermes bags on the market. The center of this tri-pieced accessory is raised higher than the surrounding sides, creating a dimensional design that’s utterly fascinating. Two lengthy double handles and a sturdy base ensures ease of use without slouching.


Hermes Steeple Bag

Hold your horses! The Hermes Steeple Tote is a show-stopping number with a unique horse design on the exterior that has a very western touch. A cute tote that’s a great summer accessory.


Hermes Massai Cut Bag


Hermes Bolide Bag

The Bolide bag has a unique history that dates back al the way to 1923 when designer Emile-Maurice Hermes wanted to design a handbag for his wife to accompany her arm to an automobile event being held in Paris. It was the very first handbag created with a zipper, and is a gorgeous, sophisticated piece with a dainty domed top and a zip around closure to keep your items secure. It is available in two different styles, soft and rigid, and also includes a removable shoulder strap so ladies can switch up their look with ease. Truly a remarkable number that oozes with class.


Hermes Bolide Bag with Double Bottom

Elegance and style (and convenience!) is brought to a whole new level with the Hermes Bolide Double Bottom Bag. It holds the same elegance as the Bolide bag, however it’s designed with a large bottom compartment that can be zipped open with ease. There’s tons of storage on this lower deck and really gives the bag some bulk and uniqueness.


Hermes Faco Clutch Bag

Designed for the cultured, mature woman, the Hermes Faco Clutch Bag is a divine clutch with a certain understated beauty that’s overwhelmingly chic. It’s a simple design that can be carried by hand everywhere, and the unique closure up front makes it a staple in the fashion industry.


Hermes Mini Convoyeur Bag

Don’t be fooled by its small stature; the Hermes Blue Mini Convoyeur Bag is a charming accessory that makes a BIG impact in the fashion industry. It’s a classic Hermes wallet piece, a pint-sized accessory that can be worn by hand as a clutch, over the shoulder, and even across the body. The front is adorned with a gorgeous beaded clasp and inside you’ll find plenty of room for your smaller items like cards, money, cell phones, and lip gloss. For the lady seeking a tiny, lightweight purse to accompany her anywhere, this is the best choice.


Hermes Pliplat Clutch Bag

The Hermes Pliplat Clutch is simplicity at its finest. It features two extra large compartments inside for loads of space for special documents and items while the outside features a belt embellishment. Fancy but simple, it’s a professional style clutch that works with your finest attire,


Hermes Verrou Pochette Bag

A little bit chic, a little big edgy, the Hermes Verrou Pochette Bag is a must-have item for the lady that oozes fashion and sophistication. It’s a simple, polished design with a unique security guard up front to lock your goodies inside.


Hermes Atlas Bag

The Atlas bag is loaded with interior space while the exterior is cool with side and top buckles. A rare and chic accessory that’s on the casual side of things, but still holds the brilliant design of Hermes.

Hermes New Bags



Hermes Maxi Box Bag

Perfectly structured and squared off, the Hermes Maxi Box Bag is a dignified yet rigid accessory that won’t lose shape over time. It’s a trendy piece with short handles and a zippered top for an edgy appeal that rocks.


Hermes Oxer Bag

An extra large bag and extra large style? Of course we’re talking about the Hermes Oxer Bag. This unique and oversized tote features a set of four handles that can be connected by a snap-hook strap. It’s an open tote with a spacious interior, making it a great option for travel, doubling as a trend accessory and a convenient duffle.



Hermes Passe Passe Tote Bag

The Hermes Passe Passe Tote Bag is probably one of the most unique designed in the Herms lineup, with buttons galore and nifty stitching. It’s a large tote that can hold just about anything inside and the two handles are easy to use and very convenient. A very stylish bag that can work well with any ensemble.


Hermes Halzan Bag

Another grand and unique design from Hermes, the Halzan bag features a quirky yet refined exterior with a lovely front belt buckle that holds the front flap in place, It can be used as a tote or folded down into a messenger bag- which means you can switch up your look from day to day with ease. A very lightweight accessory perfect for everyday use.



Hermes Plume Bag

The word ‘Plume’ means long soft feather; and that couldn’t describe this divine accessory any better. The Hermes Plume Bag dates all the way back to the 1960s and takes approximately 2 weeks to create, making it one of the most difficult bags to make. It’s a rather simple design with a polished exterior and two lengthy handles and a zip closure up top to keep your essentials safe. The larger sizes of the Hermes Plume can be used as travel bags while smaller sizes can be used as a dignified everyday style.


Hermes Cherche Midi Bag

Cute and stylish, the Hermes Cherche Midi Bag is a mid-sized accessory that’s flirty and lightweight. It has a lovely buckle design on the front flap and plenty of room inside. A single lengthy handle makes this piece a carefree, casual number that still holds the elegance and sophistication that’s so iconic to Hermes.

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