Vosges ‘Hunger Games’ Inspired Chocolates


We doubted whether this topic is relevant to BRAGMYBAG, but then we started to think about the pleasures of our life; what do we (girls) want? It’s quite easy, we want shopping, ‘yummie’ food and traveling. Is it so hard for guys to understand us?

Vosges introduced the Hungry Games inspired chocolates, our favorite food that we can’t resist, but at certain times (like when the summer is approaching) they are untouchable. Now imagine yourself sitting on a table and see all these sweets available at your finger tips, where do you start first?

I am pretty sure that Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games would rather eat a chocolate truffle, flavored with smoked bacon and accented by crispy apples, instead of hunting like a lady warrior. The new Vosges chocolate boxes range from $225 to $5 chocolate bar depending on how luxurious you want it. Included The Capitol Truffle Collection, which consist of 36 sweet bonbons in flavors that makes your heart bounce like coconut, banana, dark chocolate and rosemary.

Let the chocolate melt on your tongue before making its way to your stomach, then wash it off with a cup of hot ‘hungry games’ inspired tea. Yes, the collection goes beyond sweets, hidden underneath the bonbons, you can find vials of gold leaf, matcha tea, pearl dust that allow you to create hot drinks to pair with your favorite truffles. You can find more information at Vosges Chocolates.


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