Ladurée La Tentation de Nina Macaroons


What’s life? You are either working or enjoying. One of the famous quotes is: ‘work hard and play hard’ and we should all implement that rule in our lives.

What do you do to enjoy yourself? What choices do we have? We are addicted to shopping (it’s in our DNA), we love to hang-out with friends and we eat, eat and eat. You are always motivated to work hard when you know that you will be treating yourself something nice and sweet as a reward.

Ladurée collaborated with La Tentation de Nina in making the limited edition Nina Ricci perfume. And now to follow the powerful partnership, they released pink macaroons with flashes gold as a decoration on the top. Put together in a luxurious box to give you an idea that it’s made in heaven. It’s a treat that everyone has to taste. At Ladurée for £22.20.


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