Top 5 Classy Bags To Survive In The Winter


This year’s winter season is upon us. It’s going to feel like forever until we feel the freshness of springtime. But, in the meantime you should look for special bags to wear during the winter that reflect the season. You might want something elegant, classy and chic. I think wearing a bag that is winter specific says a lot about your status and how important you think fashion is.

When you spot a winter bag you should automatically feel warm and good on the inside. That’s how I feel when I feel or see a nice winter bag. The best colors to consider for a winter bag are white or grey. One bag that I just can’t get enough of is the Chanel boy handbag in white alligator and grey orylang. Of course, whatever your winter bag is it must match with your designer clothing. Wearing a high end designer bag just doesn’t sit well with casual clothing, does it?

Here are five handbags that are perfect for winter.

Chanel Boy Handbag in White Alligator and Grey Orylag
Yes, this is a boy’s bag, but don’t let that turn you off. This bag is fit for any lady to wear. It’s even more fit to be worn in the winter time. Just imagine wearing this beauty in the middle of winter, while the snow is slowly falling from the sky. I can only imagine. The huge positive element about this bag is that it’s grey and white—the perfect winter colors!

Gucci Soho Winter Bag
Gucci has come back this season with a new bag called the Soho. The design is simple, but the bag is still amazingly attractive. It’s big enough to fit all your everyday essentials, and more. It fits well with casual clothing and with casual winter activities. This bag is also a good choice for those who don’t want to spend too much. Well, since it’s Gucci you will be spending quite a lot but not as much as the Chanel Boy Bag.

Louis Vuitton Transiberrian
Louis Vuitton is laser-target focused handbag designer. The designer label has a collection of handbags that range from medium expensive prices to high expensive prices. Personally when it comes to price, I just disregard it. I take the design of the bag into account over the price.
The Luis Vuitton Transiberrian is one of those LV bags that the design just speaks to me. It has a winter color theme, and it makes you feel warm inside. All the while, the bag exudes a classy, diva look as well. I posted the second picture of the inside just to let you ladies see how durable this bag is for the winter time.

Hermes Double Sense
What is this? Does Hermes have a winter collection? Not that I know of, but it would be great if they did have one. However, if you’re a huge fan of Hermes bags and want one exclusively for the winter season you should go for the Double Sense. This bag has a beautiful color theme that matches that of the winter season. It’s elegant and classy, and is the best pick Hermes winter pick.

Miss Dior Bag Mink
Along with Chanel, Dior is also one of my favorite brands. With the Miss Dior Bag Mink, I take into regard the color and the design. Furry bags are a great must-have in the winter because they have the potential to keep you warmer. Ladies check out the chain—it’s just lovely. The dark blue color is very attractive. This bag could be used for everyday use while shopping or going to work.

So, these are my top five winter handbag picks. Do you ladies have any suggestions? What is your favorite bag to wear during the winter season?


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  • Tammy


    I totally agree with you too, I love the Chanel boy bag and girls can wear them too.

    December 24, 2012

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