What Every Girl Needs #7: Chanel Brooch In Metal Embellished with Lace Pattern


Only real fashion addicted girls would give attention to the tiniest details. You can have your bag, your dress, your shoes, but to make overall perfect, you need to match that all with your jewelries. Combine everything together as one and you have a fashion style to express to the world.

Sometimes I just screen over to different website trying to find something unusual. The Chanel Brooch looked a bit ordinary to me at the start, but fashion kicks in after thinking for a while what this tiny thing could do to your style.

The Brooch comes from Chanel spring-summer 2013 pre-collection. Made from metal embellished with lace pattern and showing a chic CC logo. Imagine wearing your favorite style and then adding a little CC brooch on it, how much impact would that have overall?


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