Top 5 Chanel Diaper Bags

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Top 5 Chanel Diaper Bags


Top 5 Chanel Diaper Bags

Are looking for the perfect Chanel Diaper Bag or Baby Bag? There are a lot of brands available that can store Diapers and other Baby products of course. But if you want to stick with the brand Chanel, then we have a few recommendations.

We looked at the requirements that can turn a Chanel Bag into a Diaper Bag. It has to be big and the leather needs to be reliable and not crack when overstuff the interior. You never know what to take when you’re on the road, so if the bag is bigger, then the better.

A common choice is a tote bag, however, we have also found different styles that a lot of fashionista’s uses on daily basis. And we also recommend a style that has been released just recently, which is the Chanel Gabrielle Bag (not the regular one).

But anyways, let’s start with number 1:

1. Chanel Deauville Bag

Chanel Diaper Bag

Perhaps the most used due to its amazing style, durability and spacious interior. The Chanel Deauville Bag was first-introduced in Spring Summer 2012 and it’s made from canvas, which means it’s solid when you need to carry a lot of stuff.

This bag is really great, because it’s proven popular and there is also a large size. The price is around $2000 USD – $3000 USD.

2. Chanel Paris Biarritz Bag

Chanel Diaper Bag

It was launched in 2007, we are not sure whether this handbag is still available, but perhaps it can be bought in consignment stores.

Why this handbag? Because in terms of material, strength and flexibility, this is the perfect bag for diapers and other baby essentials. This bag also has ample space in the interior. Back then, this bag was retailing around $1450 USD.

3. Chanel Maxi Classic Bag

Chanel Diaper Bag

There are numerous versions of the Maxi Classic Bag including one with Chain Around. Launched in 2009, the biggest size (besides the XL Classic Bag) might be one of the most favorite Big Bags in town. It’s a flap bag but the size is big enough to hold your daily diapers and more. It’s also recommended to choose a calfskin/caviar because it’s more durable. The lambskin will show crack when the leather needs to expand.

Measuring 13’ x 9’ x 4’ inches, priced at $6700 USD as per 2019. Check for the latest prices here…

4. Chanel Timeless Classic Tote

Chanel Large Classic Tote Bag Prices

It’s stylish, pretty and above all, spacious. The Chanel Timeless Classic Tote was replacing the GST, but it comes with better leather and craftsmanship. It looked also more like the sibling of the Classic Flap Bag thanks to the CC logo in the center instead of embossed CC. For more details about this bag, go here…

5. Chanel Gabrielle Backpack

Chanel Diaper Bag

We created a separate post about the Chanel Gabrielle Backpack, because it’s not like the regular Gabrielle Bag. The Backpack works like a drawstring bag and is easier to use for diaper storage than the normal version. And there is more, the backpack can be worn cross body or on the shoulder, which is a big plus.

Check for the latest prices and sizes here…

Let us know what you think? If you have already a diaper bag, also comment, so it can be used as a recommendation for the community. Thanks!

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