The Ultimate Chanel Classic Shopping Tote Review


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The Ultimate Chanel Classic Shopping Tote Review

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The Ultimate Chanel Classic Shopping Tote Review

Chanel-Classic-Shopping-ToteFirst introduced during the Spring Summer 2016 Collection, the Chanel Classic Shopping Tote is a new addition to the house’s classic line. The design resembles a lot like the Classic Flap Bag, but in a tote bag version. And it also reminds us of the discontinued Grand Shopping Tote.Chanel-GST-vs-Chanel-Large-Classic-Tote
Chanel Grand Shopping Tote (GST)

Chanel Classic Shopping Tote vs Chanel Grand shopping Tote

The Grand Shopping Tote is also known as the GST and it was discontinued in 2015. This bag was extremely popular due to its practical design and the reasonable price tag. When you need a shoulder bag, you went for the Classic Flap Bag. But when you wanted a tote bag, then it was naturally to buy the Chanel Grand Shopping Tote.The Chanel GST came in two sizes; the large size was called the Chanel GST XL. This bag was crafted in soft diamond quilting and features a printed-version of the CC logo on the center of the bag. This logo created a sense of vintage while the woven chain strap balanced it with a modern touch.The interior was large enough to store all your daily essentials and more. With woven chain strap, the bag could be carried on the shoulder, on the crook of the arm or just by hand. It was a very handy handbag. Besides being practical, the design doesn’t scream CHANEL at all, which makes it perfect to use as an everyday bag.

The Design

The design on the Chanel Classic Shopping Tote looks a lot like the iconic Classic Flap Bag. Just take a closer look at the features – the diamond quilting, the interlocking CC logo, the woven chain strap and it even comes with a back pocket. All of these components resemble to the Classic Flap Bag, which are inspired by Coco Chanel’s original 2.55 Bag.The GST is made with double eyelets, linked to the woven chain strap. But the Chanel Classic Shopping Tote is made with just one eyelet on each side. In our opinion, the new design is more intriguing and heart-melting. And also, the printed CC logo is swapped with the interlocking CC, which changes the whole appearance from vintage to modern.

The Interior

Pictures courtesy of: Global Rakuten
The interior is secured with a quilted leather strap. The inside is crafted with one large compartment, featuring an extra zip pocket and few small open pockets for structuring your items. The size of the interior makes it an ideal shopping bag for the weekend or just for work. It’s an excellent substitute of the discontinued GST design and it can be considered as a collectable item.

The Sizes


StyleSizeStyle Code
Chanel Classic Shopping ToteA9104611’ x 14.2’ x 4.3’ inches

The Leathers

From Left To Right: Lambskin, Calfskin, Caviar, Chevron Quilting

The Colors

From Left To Right: Black, Blue, Dark Blue

The Hardware

From Left To Right: Gold, Silver, Ruthenium

The Prices

For the latest Chanel Classic Shopping Tote Prices, check out this link: Chanel Classic Bag Prices.The Chanel Classic Shopping Tote Bag is more expensive than the Chanel GST. The latest price for the GST in 2015 was $2900 USD and €2700 euro while the Classic Shopping Tote is priced at $4600 USD USD and €3750 euro.Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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  1. What bag organiser would you recommend for chanel classic shopping tote? Also why didn’t anyone answer my earlier question?

  2. Confused. Is there any difference (size, design, caviar leather) between shopping bag 20S A91046Y33362
    And shopping bag 215 A91046Y33352?
    About to buy one but only 20S in stock.
    Wanted the 215 but if the same, I won’t mind . Please hurry! Thank you .


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