The Chanel Easy Flap (Basic Flap)

Keep following and you get informed about the latest and the juiciest Chanel releases. We couldn’t stop talking about the Chanel boy flap for weeks now. The boy bag is oh-so-hot. Oh yes, we are obsessed and the boy bag deserve it. But our conversation have switched recently, now the Chanel easy flap (or you can call it the basic flap) is one of our hottest discussion. But the easy flap remain a mystery, we couldn’t find much information about it! So Bragmybag decided to make a change…

We sourced the entire web and couldn’t find much information even on other blogs and the Official Chanel website. We decided to do our own research. Keep reading because this can be very interesting. Here’s what we found:
Let’s start with the basic. Please welcome the Chanel classic flap in taupe on your left and salute the Chanel easy caviar flap in black on your right. Notice any difference? Allow us to clarify:

1. Both bags has the double CC turn-style lock. You see?
2. Both leather style are very similar. You can get the easy flap in caviar and lambskin.
3. From the design perspective, there isn’t much difference. Or did I missed something?
4. Both has leather interwoven between the chain links. BUT, the Chanel easy flap has a leather handle on the top. Can you see? Can you see?

Oh, I am getting excited. Let me open another door for you.



On the top, the Chanel jumbo classic flap (double flap) in blue. On the bottom, the Chanel easy flap in black again. Isn’t it obvious? The inner closure. You close the Chanel jumbo classic flap by pressing the button. Click! The easy flap has a zipper.

I was very disappointed that Chanel has discontinued the Chanel east/west flap. Then Chanel introduce a new bag, the Chanel 3, which looked similar to the Chanel jumbo flap, but not quite yet. Now Chanel has introduce the easy flap and it’s oh-so-easy, let me show you why.

The Chanel easy flap cost: 1,530 GBP (spotted in London), around 1,800 EUR. It’s available in lambskin and caviar, golden hardware and silver hardware. You can pick the blue, beige or black. Size is 25 cm in length. The easy flap is an excellent substitute for the Chanel classic flap. The medium classic flap is already priced around 2,670 GBP, can you see the huge gap in price?

Even if we forget about the price, I still love the easy flap. It’s simply gorgeous and a must have for any girl who want to own a Chanel flap. This is your time, it’s waiting for you at the Chanel boutique. This is the ultimate Chanel treat.

One more thing, the Chanel easy flap is from the spring/summer 2013 collection. The style code is: A67742

Credit to Ras

  • Rizalea


    Hi. Is anyone selling a Chanel easy flap in small/ medium black caviar please?
    I am very desperate
    Thank you

    July 13, 2020
    • Nat


      Hi Rizalea, I am selling mine. Are you keen? do you have an email? thanks

      March 27, 2021
      • Trendygirl86


        How mucho you are asking?

        March 31, 2021
  • Kera


    I have jumble easy flap in dark pink. Email me if you interested

    January 14, 2018
  • Hernawaty


    Hi,r they still selling this easy flap now?how much is the jumbo in euro?

    June 22, 2016
  • Goldie James


    I just did a complete review on my the Chanel Easy! I love it–saved me $1,500 getting the Easy instead of the Classic Flap. Purchased mine in 2013 and still loving it! Come to my blog if you want to see the photos!

    September 14, 2015
  • MJ


    Anyone can update me on the latest price for Chanel easy flap 10″ in EUR? Thank you in advance 🙂

    September 11, 2014
    • Alex


      Hi MJ, I don’t think they have the Easy Flap right now, they are seasonal pieces. Have you checked the new Duo Color Flap Bag?

      September 14, 2014
      • Anonymous


        I saw easy caviar flap in most of the Chanel boutique in Germany. Just bought the jumbo easy caviar for euro 2300

        September 25, 2014
        • Jenn


          May I ask which Germany store did you find it? Do you have a picture? 🙂

          September 28, 2014
    • kellyn


      I just bought a seasonal chanel flap in calf skin from uk at GBP 1820. The bigger size is about a 100 more. Model : 94305

      September 17, 2014
    • junniem


      I just bought a easy flap in france at 2100 euro. Comes in black caviar or pink caviar.

      September 27, 2014
      • junniem


        Hello Alex, just sent 🙂 love this bag. Much lighter than a double flap bag.

        September 29, 2014
        • Alex


          Hi Junniem,

          Thank you for the images, I just uploaded a new post about the easy flap bag. Did you check?

          September 30, 2014
        • Bonheur


          Can share with me the photos too?

          October 1, 2014
      • Anonymous


        Hi, I bought mine at pounds 1995 last week in London. I m loving it

        October 11, 2014
        • Anonymous


          hi! where from ? thks!

          October 15, 2014
      • Anonymous


        hi what size did you get?

        October 27, 2014

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