Summer Sales 2013 At Jil Sander


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Summer Sales 2013 At Jil Sander

Summer Sales 2013 At Jil Sander

I thought we might as well put our wallet back in our pocket because the summer sales are over. A lot of online stores started stocking fall and winter collections and if there are bags left on sales, they are ‘unwanted’ left overs. Nobody would even take notice of them.

But surprisingly, Jil Sander still has a lot of exquisite bags left. Perhaps they started their summer sales a bit too late this time. But that’s okay right? Most bags are 50% discounted and I am noticing the Blue transparent PVC bag in dark blue that has a croco printed pouch inside. It looks like it’s carrying a baby in her stomach, how cute. All bags and more available at Jil Sander online store.


Jil Sander Blue Transparent PVC Bag for $852


Remember the paper bag (priced at a 185 pounds) that Jil Sander boldly introduced at the catwalk? It was some time ago, but I would rather have mine in leather.


Jil Sander Paper Bag in Calf Leather for $378


I always have an extra space in my stomach for a black leather shoulder bag, especially when it’s made from a designer brand. Take this stunning bag, but pity that I couldn’t find the ‘Jil Sander’ signature on the front.


Jil Sander Hunting Bag in Calf Leather for $930



Jil Sander Blue Croco Printed Calf Leather Clutch for $378



Jil Sander Shoulder Bag in Pink and Calf Leather for $528



Jil Sander Vintage Calf Leather Bag for $732


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