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Small Jil Bag

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Small Jil Bag


I came across something totally unexpected the other day.

And it instantly pushed my weakest spot – my obsession for tiny and mini handbags. So when I spotted it, I couldn’t belief it and my mind goes like: ‘they should have done this a long time ago’.

It’s the Jil Bag from Jil Sander. Minimalism really rocks, but this takes it to another level. They have made the small version of the Jil Bag.

Now, let me just quickly do a recap for those that are not familiar with this accessory. You see, every designer brand has a signature bag that is accepted by public as an iconic or a classic. Chanel got the Classic Flap Bag, Louis Vuitton got a few, like the Speedy or the Trunk Bag.

And so Jil Sander got the Jil Bag, naturally =D.

So when you mixed the two fashion terminology together: ‘small’ and ‘classic’, our trend alarm goes off.

The Jil Bag has been around for sometime now, but the small version is new. And the brand has released four variations of it.

If you want to go all-classic, pick the Jil Bag in black. It’s made from cow leather with nappa leather lining. The tag comes with a logo and you also get a removable shoulder strap.

Or if you want to paint some colors in your life, take the light yellow piece or in dark purple.

So what do you think?

Oh, first the details of course:

Jil Bag in black or light yellow
Material: Cow Leather
Price: $1130 USD and 870 euro’s

Jil Bag in Mirror Dark Purple
Material: Calf Leather
Price: $1420 USD and 1050 euro’s

Jil Bag in Ostrich Leather
Price: 2350 euro’s

Measuring 26 x 10.5 x 26.5 cm (W x D x H), available at Jil Sander e-store.





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