Shopping At Dubai International Airport (DBX)


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Shopping At Dubai International Airport (DBX)

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When you think of Dubai, you think of luxury and gold. But this city is also packed with plenty of high fashion stores and the items are all tax-free. There are no VAT, sales tax, GST or any tax imposed on the products.
Shopping at airport overview

Is it cheaper to buy at Dubai airport?

Because there are no taxes imposed on the products, the prices of designer bags in the city and at the airport are about the same.

A duty-free country doesn’t mean that it is cheaper

A common question we get is: ‘Dubai is tax free, so is it cheaper to buy a Chanel Bag in Dubai?’. Tax free doesn’t mean that the designer goods are less expensive. In fact, the prices are set by the companies and are different in each country.

Shopping at Terminal 3

When you’re at Dubai International Airport, head over to Terminal 3 because that’s where all shops are located. You can find popular brands like Chanel, Gucci, Hermes and so on. But a lot of stores are also missing like Louis Vuitton or Salvatore Ferragamo. Perhaps it’s because the country is tax free, so at the customer’s perspective, it doesn’t matter whether they purchase in the city or at the airport. And by the way, the airport stock less accessories due to limited space.

T3 Stores

Chanel Opening hours: 12:15 AM – 12 AM Tel: +971 4 504 2639Gucci Opening hours: 24 hours Tel: +971 4 505 3445
Hermes Opening hours: 24 hours Tel: +971 4 216 2453Coach Opening hours: 23 hours Tel: +971 4.2203835
Armani Opening hours: 23 hours Tel:MAC Opening hours: 24 hours Tel: +971 4 5053386

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