Chanel Mini Chevron Shoulder Bag

Chanel Chevron Mini Flap Bag thumb

Instagram @lux_brands_boutique More bags mean more love. The Chanel Fall Winter 2018 Collection is full of surprises. For example, this Chanel Mini Chevron Shoulder Bag. It’s as pretty as the Chanel WOC. The Design The latest Mini Chevron Bags are not only beautiful but also colorful. They are available in solid colors and are designed … Read more

Chanel Side Studded Chevron Clutch With Chain

Chanel Side Studded Clutch With Chain thumb

The new Clutch With Chain came into high fashion with much confident. It didn’t needed to get tested before expanding, because the house knew we would adore it. There is also a pearl edition unleashed this season and we belief more styles will come in the upcoming collections. The Clutch With Chain shouldn’t be confused … Read more

Chanel Chevron Statement Tote Bag

Chanel Chevron Statement Tote Bag thumb

It’s big and beautiful; the Chanel Chevron Statement Tote Bag is the new addiction, but it will also make our life harder. Because now we need to decide between this Chevron Bag or the Large timeless CC Bag. Which one would you rather have? Chanel Chevron Statement Bag overview Chanel Chevron Statement Flap Bag Chanel … Read more

Chanel Round As Earth Chevron Bag

Chanel Round As Earth Chevron Bag thumb

Instagram @kocengayang79 Much like the Chanel Round As Earth Bag, but we are not sure whether this bag is part of the collection. And it doesn’t really matter, because it’s round, it’s beautiful and it’s available for the Spring Summer 2018 Collection. Perhaps it’s the Round As Earth Bag, but it’s an updated version in … Read more