Chanel Square WOC

Chanel Velvet Chain Clutch With Charm thumb

Chanel Velvet Chain Clutch With Charm

The first-time I saw this bag, I thought – is it the Chanel Square WOC? The Square WOC has been ...


Chanel Golden Class CC Square WOC

The Square WOC craving trend continues as it’s blended with the Golden Class CC style. Take a good look and ...


The So Many Chanel Square WOC

We were overjoyed when the Chanel Square WOC was announced. The fashionista’s around the world became instantly obsessed. And there ...


Chanel Chevron Statement Square WOC

So is the Chanel Square WOC a Classic? Is it an upgrade version of the Classic Quilted WOC? We don’t ...


Chanel Reissue 2.55 Square WOC

In the previous collection, Chanel has introduced the Classic Quilted Square WOC. This bag looked exactly like the original Classic ...