Chanel Chevron Statement Bag


In almost every season, Chanel comes up with a new flap bag that’s cheaper than the Classic Flap Bag. And this is how they keep the dreamers alive. When you cannot chase the Classic Flap Bag because the ‘price increase’ is running too fast, then why not settle with a seasonal flap bag that looks similar (or in some part similar) to the Classic Flap Bag.

Chanel Chevron Statement Bag Overview

And for the Fall Winter 2017 Collection Act 1, we want to introduce the Chanel Chevron Statement Flap Bag.

The Design


The diamond and chevron quilting have been the house’s signature print for a very long time. Both represents classic, timeless and elegant. The new Statement Bag comes with Chevron Quilting and at the end of both edges, it’s refined with smooth leather patches.

The center is crafted with the signature smooth CC logo, it’s the same like the Classic Flap Bag. The chic woven chain strap on the top for shoulder or cross body carry is also the same design as the iconic version. It’s also made from metallic calfskin, which is a durable and strong leather.

And even tough the Chevron Statement Bag is different than the Classic Flap Bag, but different is going to separate you from the pack. And I also love the name: ‘Statement’, because this bag is a statement maker.

The Interior

The Chevron statement Flap Bag is built with 1 main compartment inside including a zip pocket. It’s an everyday bag just like the Classic Flap Bag.

The Prices And Sizes

This bag is a lot less expensive than the Classic Flap Bag. The size is also between the Small and M/L Classic Flap Bag. Let’s us do a quick comparison.

The Chanel Statement Flap Bag is measured 5.5’ x 9.4’ x 2.8’ inches. The Small Classic Flap Bag is sized at 5.5’ x 9.1’ x 2.8’ inches. The M/L Classic Flap Bag is sized at 6.3’ x 10.2’ x 2.8’ inches.

The conclusion is that this bag is more leaning toward to the size of the Small Classic Flap Bag than to the M/L size.

And as for the price, it’s also much less expensive. The Small Classic Flap Bag for example, is priced at $4700 USD as per today. The Chevron Statement Flap Bag is retailing for $2700 HKD.

Chanel Small Statement Chevron Flap Bag
Style code: A91586
Size: 5.1′ x 2.7′ x 7.8′ inches
Price: $3000 USD, $3750 CAD, €2570 EURO, £2310 GBP, $4380 SGD, $23600 HKD, $4280 AUD, ¥360720 JPY, ¥21100 CNY, ₩3580000 WON

Chanel Chevron Statement Flap Bag
Style code: A91587
Size: 5.5’ x 9.4’ x 2.8’ inches
Prices (prices 2017): $2700 USD, €2600 euro, £2250 GBP, $3990 AUD, $3625 CAD, ¥324000 JPY
Current prices (updated for 2018): $25000 HKD

Chanel Large Statement Chevron Flap Bag
Style code: A91588
Size: 6.6′ x 2.7′ x 10.5′ inches
Price: $3500 USD, $4350 CAD, €2990 EURO, £2680 GBP, $5100 SGD, $27400 HKD, $4980 AUD, ¥420120 JPY, ¥24500 CNY, ₩4170000 WON

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  • Elisha


    The price for the medium chevron statement flap bag (Style code: A91587) in Hong Kong is $25000 HKD.
    Mine is in black calfskin bought in end of Jun 2018.

    August 20, 2018
  • Amanda


    Does the chevron statement bag come in a mini size?

    July 17, 2018
  • mina


    Is this bag in attatched picture same as that bag?

    October 9, 2017
  • Tob


    Can it be carried cross-body?

    October 1, 2017
      • Tob



        October 5, 2017
  • ivy chuong


    do you have the price for Chevron in Hong Kong compare to US? Thanks

    October 1, 2017
  • I love the Chevron pattern. It is so elegant and sophisticated.
    Luck me I own a boy bag in black chevron pattern.
    Have a great week.

    X Esther

    September 28, 2017

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