Saint Laurent Duffle Bag

If you do love the Muse, try the Duffle bag out. It’s famous for its design, but not yet an ‘IT’ bag. Who care anyway. We don’t always need to follow the trend and buy it bags. Buy it if you just love it. We belief the Duffle is the upcoming it bag, it has already receive a lot of compliments. And YSL has an high expectation as this bag has been marketed many times on their site.

The Saint Laurent Duffle bag is introduced after Hedi Slimane became the new Creative Director of the Yves Saint Laurent brand. You might already notice this, the iconic Yves from the YSL name has been removed. Of course, this cause some confusion and many people are against it. But Hedi is also famous for creating minimalism design and that reflect to his latest work in the Duffle bag.

The Saint Laurent Duffle bags are very clean, simple, but yet fashionable. Usually they are available in single colors, just like any iconic and it bags. With the double zipper, you can easily open the handbag on the left or right side, making it easy to access to your essentials.

The Duffle bag is gorgeous for casual styles and suits. The light and bright colors are perfect for the summer look. But either way, the Saint Laurent White Classic or the Blue Classic matches great to your thick winter coat. Unlike brands like Hermes Birkin, I haven’t seen many people carrying this bag, which makes it more attractive, because you are not following the crowd. But there are high expectation around the Duffle bag and might become the next timeless ‘IT’ bag, so get on the boat early.

Saint Laurent leather Bo Duffle bag in White
at SSENSE for $2,995

Saint Laurent leather Bo Duffle bag in Black
at SSENSE for $1,990

Saint Laurent leather Bo Duffle bag in Beige
at SSENSE for $2,150

Saint Laurent leather Bo Duffle bag in Emerald Green
at SSENSE for $2,150


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