Saint Laurent Chyc Tote Bag


Next to the muse bag stands the Saint Laurent Chyc Tote smilling, looking fresh and bright. It’s seems like the popularity of the Chyc tote is rising quickly. We notice that even among celebrities, Nicki Minaj was spotted sporting with her fancy Saint Laurent Chyc Tote in black and I’ve to say: ‘she looks gorgeous’. When I saw her carrying it, I had to put the Chyc tote in my wish list. Oh gosh, the list is getting longer. SIGH!

The Saint Laurent Chyc tote is big alright, but then PERFECT BIG. And obvious roomy enough that fits everything, all your essentials and still has room left for your iPad. The more you carry this tote, the more comfortable it gets as it wears better and better over time. I received emails from our fans that they received quite large number of compliments since carrying it. The Chyc tote is such a beauty.

The leather is from supreme quality, YSL never disappoint you on that part. It’s a handbag that will last for years and will always be classy and elegant. The design is simple, but yet simple CHYC. It can be used for your usual casual or dressed up. And there’s no way that YOU or ANYONE can ignore the logo ‘Y’ on the front, which is a brilliant design by the way. It’s a bag for everything and every day.

Saint Laurent Black alligator Leather Chyc Tote
at SSENSE for $29,500

Saint Laurent Leather Chyc Tote in Black
at SSENSE for $2,450

Saint Laurent Chyc Macho Tote in Beige
at SSENSE for $2,450

Saint Laurent Leather Chyc Tote in Royal Blue
at SSENSE for $2,950


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