Prada Saffiano Buckle Tote


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Prada Saffiano Buckle Tote


I love the Prada Saffiano Tote and I’ve seen them in all-kinds of form, shape, colours and studs. Now that I think I know it all, the Saffiano Buckle Tote suddenly stands in front of me.

After a lot of chit and chat, I know that some of you do like totes that have an extra layer of security. In some big cities there are people who by coincidence, put their hands in your bag and then accidentally make your wallet disappear. To avoid such unfortunate incidents, there is no better protection than a pair of strong leather buckles.

Besides the buckles, there’s also an extra layer of leather on the top. It avoids rain and snow from getting into your bag, uninvited. We need to keep everything nice and dry, right?

The appearance is quite similar to the Saffiano lux tote, only that the handles are much taller. There is also a pouch in the interior, with the Prada signature embellished on the front.

Measuring 38 x 28.5 x 18.5 cm (L x H x W), in red, orange, blue, white, purple, green, pink and black. Style code is BR5071, at Prada e-store for $3100 USD or €2100 euro’s.





2 thoughts on “Prada Saffiano Buckle Tote”

  1. I just recently bought one from Saks. But how come I can’t find it anywhere on line when I look for Prada Saffiano BR5071? Why is it not even in Prada website.

    • Hi Mel, because some information we receive are not available at other sites. Another reason why there is no info is because this bag was released last year around june, I think Prada is slowly discontinuing this style.


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