Chanel Is An Investment, Not An Expense

chanel are investments

You doubting whether to buy a Chanel or not? Is your finance stopping you buying one? Maybe you are thinking, $4,000? That’s too expensive, I don’t have the money. Well, I belief that is a wrong way of thinking about Chanel classic handbags. They are not like when you go shopping and buy some shoes … Read more

The Ultimate Givenchy Antigona Bag Review

the ultimate givenchy antigona bag review thumb

  You’re about to get spoiled, because this is the ultimate guide to the Givenchy Antigona Bag. And because of our never-ending bag obsession, we will be chit chatting about every detail possible, starting from the history and sizes to the leather quality and the prices. This is a great read if you’re considering buying … Read more

BRAGMYBAG: The Re-cap Issue #4

chanel boy bag fall winter 2013 1

A brand-new Chanel boy bag is on its way to the Chanel boutique. To be released around September this year. It’s unlike any boy bag you’ve ever seen, decorated with chains, more linings, masculine and sophistication. Here’s a feedback from Candice at Twitter: I’m in <3 with this bag!!! Celine released a new version of … Read more