BRAGMYBAG: The Re-cap Issue #4


A brand-new Chanel boy bag is on its way to the Chanel boutique. To be released around September this year. It’s unlike any boy bag you’ve ever seen, decorated with chains, more linings, masculine and sophistication. Here’s a feedback from Candice at Twitter: I’m in <3 with this bag!!!



Celine released a new version of the Phantom bag, it’s called the Celine Tie tote bag. (it has a tie on the top handle), available in brown black and black/blue.



Chanel pre-fall winter 2013 are available in store right now. I am in love with the flats, and you?



Froggie gave Bragmybag the keys to her closet. Oh gosh, Chanel, Chanel and Chanel. What are you waiting for? Share your collection at and claim your own spot. Register here.



I hate price increases and Louis Vuitton raises the prices on their iconic speedy and neverfull. Can you belief that?



Fendi Fall collection is adorable, everyone loves the peek-a-boo and 2jours. Mink fur charm? Give me two please!



Chanel has the GST and Salvatore has the shoulder bag. Which one do you love more?


As final, Melissa is sharing her thoughts about Hermes Birkin Bags. It was so valuable that I had to share:

Has the Birkin Bag Lost it’s appeal; Absolutely! I have been trying to building and collect a serious Designer closet collection for the past 10 years and a Birkin has always been at the top of the list. At $8K to wait for one, I have always hesitated to put my name on the wait list and now, more than ever, I am so glad I didn’t waste my money. What’s changed my mind is it’s not how many you see, IT’S LOOK AT WHO’S CARRYING THEM. Regarding Celine. It’s not possible to track the sale of 1 person buying Celine bags because you can buy them at, of course their boutiques, but also at Barney’s, Neiman’s, Bergdorf’s and a lot of other great privately healed boutiques across the county. I actually bought 4 different Celine bags in 1 year and nobody has said a word to me about it or denied me the purchase.


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