Must haves #12: Celine Olive Suede Phantom Tote Bag

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Must haves #12: Celine Olive Suede Phantom Tote Bag


I have a hate and love relationship with Celine. It’s their fault. I love their brand, but hate their purchase restriction policies. I love their phantom, but hate their hard-to-get strategies. I love their colors, but hate their prices. But still the phantom is a must have for anyone who is dangerously in love with Celine.

Do you really think you could pick? Celine picks YOU. There are Celine bags that I wanted in specific colors and pity for me, they are not available in their boutiques. I have to be lucky to meet them if our path crosses. The Celine Olive Suede Phantom Tote bag is another damn hot thing that I want to have and it’s a 110% must have. Celine phantom bag are often made in Italy. The material use in this bag is suede.

Don’t ask if there is room enough. Some bags are very limited in space when their size is 11.5’’ x 11.75’’ x 9’’, but Celine bags are a bit stretchable, making it roomy enough for anything. But of course it is not recommended to stuff it. Last price pre-owned was recorded at $2,150.

Pictures courtesy of: Nordstrom


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