Celine Cabas Bag

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Celine Cabas Bag

Celine Cabas Bag pricesThe Celine Cabas Bag was just recently introduced to the world of fashion- and it’s been introduced with a bang. Note the fresh style that sets apart from the trend. It’s incredibly stylish and adds a significant amount of length to the entire look (perfect for women who love to look lengthy and sexy). Not to mention the ravishing zippers embellished on the front of the bag and unique, vibrant color combinations to choose from. The whole style is fun and intriguing and is truly something we haven’t seen from the Celine fashion company before. This bag looks great with a pair of skinny jeans and a cute top, but can also look very nice on the arm of a woman rocking her favorite little black dress. Choose between color combos ranging from bold to subtle, just like you see in this stunning black and white duo bag.

The Prices

Celine Small Vertical Cabas BagLatest Prices (Dec 2018)
Grained Calfskin$1300 USD, €890 euro, £820 GBP, $1700 SGD, $9900 HKD, ¥140000 JPY, ¥9100 CNY, $1650 AUD, 4200 AED
Bi-Cabas and Grained Calfskin$1300 USD, €850 euro, £ GBP, $1650 SGD, $9900 HKD, ¥ JPY, ¥ CNY

Celine Medium Vertical Cabas BagLatest Prices (Dec 2016)
Normal Leather$1550 USD

Celine Medium Cabas BagLatest Prices (Dec 2016)
Smooth Calfskin$2250 USD, €1500 euro

The Sizes

Celine Small Vertical Cabas Bag9′ x 11′ x 4′ inches
Celine Medium Vertical Cabas Bag12′ x 16′ x 6′ inches
Celine Medium Cabas Bag11′ x 13′ x 8′ inches (W x H x D)

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